15 ways to stay warm this Winter

Well, with the arrival of all the rain/hail/sleet/snow in Cape Town, I thought it apt that I should share some practical tips and ideas on how to stay warm this winter. Dress Warmly. Warm clothing, especially when layered, not only prevents exposure to the cold, it also helps retain body heat. Wear tights under pants, vests …

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Keeping warm this Winter?

I can’t tell you how many times, during a cold winter, that my mom friends have sat together and said how lucky their babies are to have their “onesies” or babygrows. Shortly followed by the joke that they should make them in adult sizes… Well, it’s no joke to Woolworths! They have brought in Adult …

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8 Winter Warmer Ideas

With school holidays around the corner, I thought it apt that to give you some ideas to entertain the kids while trying to stay warm indoors… Winter Printables – There are lots of puzzles and colouring in pages on the internet that kids will love and you can print these for free! Try choosing a theme for …

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