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  • Fabulous 40 is Knocking

    Fabulous 40 is Knocking

    So many people around me have been crossing the threshhold into their Fabulous 40s, from friends and acquaintances, to other family bloggers (shout out to Hayley from Hayleys Joys, and Luchae from My Spreadsheet Brain), and soon it will be my turn. As we cross this threshhold, many friends have said that they don’t feel…

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Hello, I’m Denise

Our blog is all about the joys we share as a family, including all those experiences we have with friends who are like family. The ups and the downs, getting creative and feeding our souls, travelling and exploring, dancing in the rain and taking time to remember what matters most. Please join me on my journey as I gather some family treasures and share them with you!