Organised: Toddler’s Room

When Carole sent me a message telling me about her toddler’s room she included words like “It’s bad”, “maybe you wanna sit before looking!” and “feel free to say no”. I am sure many of you can relate to this – there is always that one space in the house we avoid because, quite simply, we […]

Learning about Colours with your Toddler

Here are some ideas for learning about colours with your toddler: Go on a Colour Toy Hunt!  Start with crayons of each colour and have your child find toys that are the colour of each crayon. Sweetie Sorting!  Give your child a bag of Sweets and a muffin pan or ice tray and have them fill up […]

Recycled Castle

Raining outside? Why not get your kids together and make this fun castle using an old box, left-over paper and toilet rolls! What you will need: Toilet Rolls Small Box Craft Paper A pair of Scissors Tape Coloured Pens Directions: Cut rectangles out from the top of the box (you can remove or use the top flaps). Draw […]

MMR Vaccine

MMR stands for Measles, Mumps & Rubella (sometimes referred to as German Measles). Vaccines against Measles, Mumps and Rubella are often given together at 15 months (instead of the Measles vaccine alone) and is administered again at 5 years of age. MMR & Autism The MMR vaccine has received a lot of bad press as […]

10 tips for School Time with your Toddler

Creating a special time (if you are at home or have time in the evenings or weekend) with your toddler to learn about words, numbers and the wonders of the world is a wonderfully rewarding experience. You may not be able to manage this everyday but it is worth the effort to try at least […]

Potty Training

The most important thing to remember, when potty training, is that it is not a race. Toilet training might take days or months and every child is different. Let your child progress at their own pace. I promise you, you will not have a teenager still in nappies. My dear daughter said her first word […]