A Tiny Home Office

Do you have a home office? Does the rest of the house spill into it? Do you even spend any time in your home office anymore? Sometimes, especially if your home office is just a zone in your house and not a room, this is what happens. Children’s toys, sewing projects, art supplies and everything […]

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A Tiny Bedroom

Do you have a Tiny Bedroom in your house? One of those bedrooms that are difficult to decorate and make functional because of the limited space? Here are a few ideas on how to optimise your space: Remove clutter. The more items you have in your bedroom the more¬†cluttered it will feel. Get creative with […]

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A Tiny Kitchen

I have a tiny kitchen and I love it! I love looking through Pinterest discovering new ways to use my tiny space. Do you have a tiny space in your house? Pinterest is great because now we get to discover how creative people all over the world are and they have some really amazing ideas. […]

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