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  • Becoming a Financially Savvy Mom

    Becoming a Financially Savvy Mom

    When our children are born and we look at their sweet, innocent faces; we want to give them the world – and that is a good thing! However, we must ensure that in ‘giving them the world’ we are not modelling unwise financial choices. Sumayya Davenhill, Head of Marketing (M&G Investments) said the following: As…

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  • Closet Smart

    Closet Smart

    Are you guilty of this? Buying things simply because they are on sale, buying things because the price is really, really low or buying things because they are “in fashion” even though they do not suit you or your body type? The plan is: Be Frugal but do not buy clothes based on Price Tag.…

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  • Get your Family out of Debt

    Get your Family out of Debt

    It’s easy & difficult to get into debt. Financial services companies suggest you borrow only enough than you can reasonably expect to repay. But sometimes unexpected expenses can make it more difficult to climb out of debt to get you back on track. Some people stay in debt because they’re not sure what to do.…

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