Homemade Butter Chicken Curry

Ok, so I know I am on a recipe roll but this is the most divine recipe! I not sure where I got it from but I only tried it this year, so here goes… Ingredients 600g deboned chicken thighs (cubed) 1 tbs oil 100g butter 2 onions (finely chopped) 175ml plain yoghurt 75ml water […]

Winter Left-Overs Comfort Food Recipe 1: Left-Over Rice Pudding

At times these recipes were born out of having a family member with allergies, at other times they were born out of not wanting to go to the shops on cold evenings and wanting to empty the “back of the cupboard” items; whatever the reason we hope you will enjoy these recipes that we will share […]

Party Idea: Scary Worms

We found these awesome Black Rice Organic Noodles at Wellness Warehouse if I remember correctly and they are just perfect if you are going for a scary theme birthday party. The kids will just love these ‘worms’ and you can make it really healthy too! The wonderful thing about them is that they have the texture of […]