Gratitude and the act of being grateful has been on mind a lot lately. An attitude of gratitude is a mind shift, an active effort has to be made to change and let’s be honest, its not easy. Here are 4 ideas that may help you be more grateful: Keep a Gratitude Journal. Write in your journal daily. Watch your Language! Do […]

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Homemade Christmas Gifts #8 – Cinnamon Sugar Scrub

Barely over a week until Christmas and that means we need quick but meaningful gift ideas. Earlier this year, I shared some Natural Beauty Recipes and the Cinnamon Sugar Scrub is ideal for a quick but special gift. Cinnamon Sugar Scrub What you will need: Glass Jar Ribbon Wooden Scoop (optional) Ingredients Brown Treacle Sugar Cinnamon Olive oil Essential oil of your […]

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Homemade Christmas Gifts #6 – Permanent Pen Mug

This is a great idea for getting the kids involved in creating a little bit of love for Christmas! Permanent Pen Mug What you will need Inexpensive White Mug Thin-tip Permanent markers And of course, an Oven! Directions Map out your design on paper. Draw the design on your mug using your permanent markers. Bake in oven at 180 °C for […]

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