Slow down a little! Enjoy eating.

So, I have been having this feeling that I need to…EAT A MILLION CHOCOLATES AND EVERYTHING ELSE THAT IS BAD FOR ME…and then it goes away. The problem is that since I am on this health kick, there is nothing to binge on in the house and by binge I mean “a period of excessive or […]

Chewing on Muesli

Yesterday was my mother-in-law’s birthday and we met together at a restaurant to celebrate another year with her. My in-law’s are very quick to pick up on things and always leave us in stitches. We were discussing my latest health kick and I was saying how I was getting used to eating Low GI Muesli […]

Day Five: 30 Day Challenge

It is day five of the 30 Day Challenge – How is your 30 day Challenge going? My Weight loss: 0.5kg (It sounds better in Pounds) Here are some Tips to help you on your way: You need to do exercise at a time you can maintain. Waking up really early when you are not an early morning person or when […]

30 Day Challenge

As a mom, I know how little “me-time” we really have but I also understand the importance of being healthy and exercising. Recently I published two articles: Easy Exercises for Moms and Dads Making Exercise part of your Daily life Have you read them, have you applied the tips and ideas into your day to […]