More Abundance?

What works for Mrs Jones – your neighbour – won’t necessarily work for you. How we organise our space is such an individual thing. We need to decide what works for us and not what looks good. Sometimes we need to throw everything out and start from scratch when things are not working for us AND SOMETIMES we need to […]

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Sometimes you need a little “Pinspiration”

Starting on your organising journey can be fun and exciting but if you are doing it on your own, it can be downright boring – let’s just be honest. “Do I have to?”, you may ask yourself. “Can’t you just give me a magic wand?”, you may cry. I understand your frustration! So what can you do about it? Well, […]

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Are you a Hoarder?

Uh uh uh…not so fast in saying “No”! Let me put down in writing the different types of hoarders I meet and then you decide if you don’t perhaps fit (even a little bit) into one of these categories. Rainy Day Hoarder – Rainy Day hoarders hoard useless items with the idea that “it might be useful one day”. These […]

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