Earth Fair Market Easter Egg Hunt

Calling all kids…The Earth Fair Market in Tokai will be having their annual Easter Egg Hunt this Saturday! Bring your parents to the market, find Angie in the Little People’s Corner, she will give you some clues and your hunt can begin. Please note: No Grown Ups Allowed! What is the Earth Fair Market? The Earth […]

Bugz Playpark Easter Egg Hunt

Bugz Playpark will be hosting their annual Easter Egg Hunt on the 2 April at 11:30am. All welcome, children from 1 – 9+ will be on the search for Easter suprises! A HUNT! A HUNT, HONEY BUNNY! We’re hiding eggs in difficulty levels for different ages – come find one, come find them all! BUCKETS OF […]

Simple Vanilla Custard for Two

A simple recipe for those nights when mom and dad feel like a little something sweet but don’t feel like going to loads of effort! Ingredients 1 Egg 1 cup of Milk 3 tbsp Brown Sugar 3/4 tsp Vanilla 1/8 tsp Salt (optional) 1/8 tsp Ground Nutmeg Directions In a small bowl beat the egg, […]

Egg replacements for those with Egg Allergies

If you have someone with egg allergies in your household, you will relate to my feelings about eggs. There is nothing quite like baking with eggs. They are like…creamy, binding, taste-exploding wonders but here are a few ideas of what you can replace eggs with when baking in this handy diagram I was sent. I am […]

Egg Box Easter Bunny School Holiday Craft

Easter is hopping around the corner and it’s holidays so why not make these cute little bunny tops which you can add to your easter baskets, breakfasts or use them to decorate your home. My daughter insisted that we make both boy and girl bunnies and we actually got quite creative in the end. We […]