Love yourself!

The world is an interesting place. We have so many different experiences, meet so many different people and we each navigate our life journey differently. Learning to understand one another is a wonderful, though sometimes difficult, process.  If you are someone who is more sensitive and can pick up on others emotions and feelings, it […]

Just 47 to go!

Summer days are wonderful, our Summer fruit is amazing! Pity about the drought… I hope and pray we get some rain soon but still it is good exercise in using this precious resource more carefully. Water-Saving Tips Here are some Water-saving tips you can use in your own home: Only flush when necessary. Don’t use […]

On your marks, Get set, What…

Anyone else feeling this way…? To me it feels like the year started with a literal bang and while the race started, I was still in the fog of holidays. It is only the 3rd week of January and it seems as if everyone else has hit the road running! Not me, call me tortoise […]