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Facebook and Instagram Giveaway – Joburg Homemakers Fair (FEBRUARY 2024) – WINNERS:

Kassandra Bindeman
Anne Potgieter
Natisha Singh
Lungile Khoza Thabete
Nicole Moyo

Back-to-School Guide Giveaway 1 – Wonderbag (FEBRUARY 2024) – WINNER: Tanith

Back-to-School Guide Giveaway 2 – Make learning fun with Bananagrams and Azul! (MARCH 2024) – WINNER: Sam

Previous Competitions and Winners

🎁 2023
✨ Fabulous 40: 40 YEARS, 40 PRIZES! ✨
We gave away 40 prizes over several months around my birthday (eek. . .the big 4 0), including my usual ‘favourite things’ for 2023.
1. Comic Con Giveaway (April 2023)WINNER: Sindie Allum
2. Spot It! Classic Game Giveaway (April 2023 – March 2023)WINNER: Tanith Elphick
3. Mystery Music Giveaway (May 2023 – July 2023) – WINNER: Hope Wing
4. Denise’s New Favourite Things 2023 – MAIN! – WINNER: Monique Mentoor
5. Denise’s New Favourite Things 2023 – CAPE TOWN! – WINNER: Doria Cucciolillo
6. Denise’s New Favourite Things 2023 – JOBURG! – WINNER: Renuka Lallbahadur
7. Mommy and Me Expo Giveaway – Facebook GiveawayWINNER: Sam-Jamie Enslin
8. Mommy and Me Expo Giveaway – Facebook GiveawayWINNER: Caylynne Symes
9. Mommy and Me Expo Giveaway – Facebook GiveawayWINNER: Kerine Barrish
10. Mommy and Me Expo Giveaway – Facebook GiveawayWINNER: Mariska Swart
11. Social Kids Internet Safety Course Giveaway – WINNER: Cindy
12. Social Kids Internet Safety Course Giveaway – WINNER: Anne-Marie
13. Social Kids Internet Safety Course Giveaway – WINNER: Caroline
14. Social Kids Internet Safety Course Giveaway – WINNER: Rene
15. Social Kids Internet Safety Course Giveaway – WINNER: Liezel
16. Travel Games for the Family – WINNER: Ruweida Muhammad
17. Christmas Gift Guide (Case Closed) – Gift Guide
18. Christmas Gift Guide (Ceres Rail Company) – Gift Guide
19. Christmas Gift Guide (Forteve) – Gift Guide
20. Christmas Gift Guide (Solarpop Games – Story Cubes) – Gift Guide
21. Christmas Gift Guide (Solarpop Games – Dixit) – Gift Guide
22. Christmas Gift Guide (Solarpop Games – Wingspan) – Gift Guide
23. Christmas Gift Guide – Victor Aardvark – Gift Guide
24. Christmas Gift Guide – A penguin called Dave – Gift Guide
25. Christmas Gift Guide – South African Series – Gift Guide
26. Christmas Gift Guide – The Mommy Diaries – Gift Guide
27. Christmas Gift Guide – Precious Gem – Gift Guide
28. Christmas Gift Guide – Making Hotdogs – Gift Guide
29. Christmas Gift Guide – If you loved yourself – Gift Guide
30. Christmas Gift Guide – Sammy the Sea Star – Gift Guide
31. Christmas Gift Guide – Thembi & Themba Range – Gift Guide
32. Christmas Gift Guide – Learn to Read Range – Gift Guide
33. Ayanda – Learn to Read Range – Gift Guide
34. Christmas Gift Guide – Keela Candy Bracelets – Gift Guide
35. Christmas Gift Guide – Diabetes Handbook – Gift Guide
36. Christmas Gift Guide – Allergy Sense – Gift Guide
37. Christmas Gift Guide – Banting 7 day meal plans (Vegetarian) – Gift Guide
38. Christmas Gift Guide – TCSF Bamboo Fibre Soap Dish and Castile Soap – Gift Guide
39. Christmas Gift Guide – The Body Shop – Gift Guide
40. Christmas Gift Guide – PNA – Gift Guide
Easter Giveaway (February 2023 – March 2023) WINNER: Luichyn Swarts
Homemakers Fair Double Tickets Giveaway (February 2023) WINNERS:
Valentine’s Day Giveaway (February 2023) WINNER: Cindy
Delivering Happiness (December 2022 – January 2023) WINNER: Jass
🎁 2022
Magformers Instagram Giveaway (SEPTEMBER 2022)WINNER: Thamaray Francis
Magformers Facebook Giveaway (SEPTEMBER 2022)WINNER: Glynnis Falken
Denise’s New Favourite Things 2022 (JULY-AUGUST)WINNER: Eleanor Hattingh
🎁 2021
Denise’s New Favourite Things 2021WINNER: Cindy Rennick
🎁 2013 – 2020
Denise’s New Favourite Things 2020WINNER: Priscilla Govender
Galileo Theatre Giveaway 2020WINNER: Jolene
Denise’s New Favourite Things 2019WINNER: Lynn Botha
Galileo Theatre Giveaway (OCTOBER 2019)WINNER: Mel
WorksheetCloud Giveaway (AUGUST 2019)WINNERS:
Genevieve S.
Odette V.
Marisca W.
Dawn G.
Seshnie G.
Anisha S.
Samantha H.
Dis-Chem Boobaloo Expo Giveaway – Cape Town (JULY 2019)WINNER: Dominique S.
Dis-Chem Boobaloo Expo Giveaway (FEBRUARY 2019)WINNERS: Bianca du Plessis & Funzani Shandukani
Christmas Giveaway (DECEMBER 2018) WINNER: Thamaray F.
Denise’s New Favourite Things (MAY – JUNE 2018)WINNER: Nicole Naiker
Spring Flowers (SEPTEMBER 2017)WINNER: Chevonne Nicole Strugnell-Sanders
Denise’s New Favourite Things (JULY – AUGUST 2017)WINNER: Ragmat Baron
Denise’s New Favourite Things (JULY – AUGUST 2015)WINNER: Victoria Ngwenya
“The Adventures of Ai” Giveaway (JULY – AUGUST 2014)WINNER: Esda D & Stephanie V
M.O.M Diary Giveaway (JULY – AUGUST 2014)WINNER: Kaylee Fraser
Random Facebook Giveaway (JUNE 2014)WINNER: Shameemah Salie
Denise’s New Favourite Things (MAY – JUNE 2014)WINNER: Heather de Bruin
FarFaria Giveaway (APRIL-MAY 2014)WINNER: Dhesh Chetty
Celebrating Women Giveaway (AUGUST 2013)WINNER: Jenny (nominated by her daughter, Lynn Botha)
Green Giveaway (JULY 2013)WINNER: Lauren Crafford
Book Club Giveaway (JUNE 2013)WINNER: Rene Claassen
Newsletter Giveaway (MAY 2013)WINNER: Tammy Perry
Facebook Competition (APRIL 2013)WINNER: Claire Minnaar