Pregnancy is not an Illness

Last week, I innocently went to the store to purchase some groceries when I saw it! It was a white bumper sticker with black writing which stated “Pregnancy is not an illness” sitting on the back of a…WOMAN’S car! Women, we are so cruel to each other sometimes. I can only think one of two […]

Gestational Diabetes

If you managed to get through the first three months (or in my case, the first five) of mood swings, nausea, vomiting, forgetfulness, vivid dreams and everything else you had to endure; you may think you may think you can sit back, relax, indulge in all your food cravings and enjoy the rest of your […]

What NOT to eat during pregnancy

‘I’m Pregnant!’ you announce to the world and world comes back to you with an overload of advice. Moms and grans, sisters and aunts all have something to say. “No Pineapple!” “No Cheese!” “No Fish, oh please!” There are a few things, however, that you should avoid. We shall take a closer look at these […]

Free Birth Announcement

Pregnant? Have a friend that is pregnant? After birth mother may not be up to sending out sms messages to friends and family. Let Baby Boom help you. Send a FREE group SMS to your friends and family choosing from 11 official languages and anounce your baby’s birth. Visit their site http://www.baby-boom.co.za. While you are […]