Mother’s Job Description

TITLE: Mommy (also Mom, Mama and “But, MO-OOM!”) JOB DESCRIPTION: Team player needed for a challenging position in a chaotic working environment. Duration of the position: forever. Successful candidate will maximize learning potential of all subordinates and supply general coziness to the workspace. Candidate will possess excellent communication skills and must be able to “count […]

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I am currently reading a book by Peter Walsh. You may have heard about him or seen him on Oprah. He really is good at what he does. He is good because he sees past the clutter and disorganisation. He sees the truth behind the mess. I believe we all have a little “hoarder” inside […]

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Porridge Brain Syndrome

It all started when I was about 5 weeks pregnant… …and I am still waiting for it to end. I am positive there is a hormone secreted during pregnancy, which we shall call from here on ‘porridgebrainogen’, which converts your brain into lumpy bits of porridge and prevents you from remembering even the simplest of […]

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