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  • Are you creating Complicated Systems?

    Are you creating Complicated Systems?

    I recently read an article on the Zen Habits Blog that really struck me. I guess if I was Oprah, it would have been an “aha” moment. At times we avoid or don’t have time to put systems in place for whatever we need to do daily/weekly/monthly as we think we do not have the time…

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  • Finding Balance

    Finding Balance

    Finding balance in life and family is always a struggle for most people but most especially moms and then there is the “mom guilt” that many suffer when they fall short of being that “superwoman”. Here are some things that we all should remember and implement in our lives 1. It is never too late…

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  • Hello Operator

    Hello Operator, does Heaven have a phone number? Mommy went to Heaven, but I need her here today, My tummy hurts and I fell down, I need her right away, Operator can you tell me how to find her in this book. Is heaven in the yellow part, I don’t know where to look. I…

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  • A Wish for the New Year

    A Wish for the New Year

    May you get a clean bill of health from your dentist, your cardiologist, your gastro-enterologist, your urologist, your proctologist, your podiatrist, your psychiatrist, your plumber and the S.A.R.S. May your hair, your teeth, your abs and your stocks not fall; and may your blood pressure, your triglycerides, your cholesterol, your white blood count and your…

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  • I wish I had said something…

    I wish I had said something…

    Have you ever had the feeling that you wish you had said something when something happened? Yesterday, at Claremont Engen in Cape Town, two women started fighting. Both had black cars and one wanted to pass the other who was waiting for a petrol station (she really could not move anywhere at the specific time).…

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  • The Role Fathers play in Modern Society

    The Role Fathers play in Modern Society

    Update Listen to our Radio Interview on this subject in 2020. As a family, we have not had the typical family life since the birth of my daughter. I, myself have been in and out of hospital while the rest of my family was left to survive with nothing more than my earnest prayers. Luckily,…

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  • Good Relationships

    Good Relationships

    “When we are surrounded by relationships that nurture us fully, our souls feels safe to grow, create and have the courage to express ourselves fully. Being in a state of nurturing is familiar to our souls; it is from this place that we first enter this world, and it is up to us to safeguard…

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  • A Smile is infectious!

    A Smile is infectious!

    “You can use the infectious effects of a grin to jump-start an optimistic outlook in yourself by sending others what you want them to lob back at you. A kind word to the man behind the deli counter can get your day bouncing in the right direction.” Lise Funderbur

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  • A Mother’s Reflections

    A Mother’s Reflections

    It’s almost Mother’s day – again! Can you believe it. Time goes so quickly when you have little ones, slowly on rainy days, but in general very quickly. My mother and I don’t necessarily have the “perfect” relationship but I must admit that my respect for her has doubled since I became a mom. You…

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  • Happy Parents = Happy Children

    Happy Parents = Happy Children

    “Practically everything we do as parents is motivated by a desire to see our children be happy. The good news is that there is much you can do to encourage them to discover true happiness for themselves. Every day, in each moment, you can offer essential encouragement through your loving presence, your own example and…

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  • Be You

    Be You

    Thought for the day – Thanks Oprah! “Stop censoring your actions. Be you—the only you there is. No one else is qualified for the job. Have fun, have a sense of humor and have a million laughs. Be an optimist; be the person you were as a child. Do something new, exciting and different. Look…

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  • Creating a Successful balance of Peace

    Creating a Successful balance of Peace

    I have come to the conclusion that in this busy world people only really want one thing and that is peace. Financial peace, spiritual peace, family peace, emotional peace, etc. Famous/Rich people tend to have financial peace and yet most times cease to maintain peace in other areas of their lives. The fact of the…

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