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  • A Return to Kindness

    A Return to Kindness

    Stuck behind computer and mobile screens, it is often easy to “make our voices heard” without considering the person on the other end. I think this new age online interaction has perhaps even started affecting the way we interact with others offline. Have we become less kind? I think this is a question we need…

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  • Life of a Mom – I smell bacon!

    Life of a Mom – I smell bacon!

    “Brrrrrng”, the alarm chimes for the third time. I slowly switch it off being careful not to open my eyes just yet; my eyes tend to wake up the rest of my body, and I still want it to sleep a little longer. I smell bacon, mom must be making breakfast. Oh…wait…I AM THE MOM!…

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  • Santa Shoebox Project

    Santa Shoebox Project

    I am sure that by now you have heard about the Santa Shoebox Project. It is a really easy way to get involved in a small way that makes a big difference. This year they will be opening pledges one month earlier. The Santa Shoebox Project is officially a “tween”! At 12-years old, South Africa’s…

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  • A Note to my Bestie

    A Note to my Bestie

    ‘Oh, you’re the best friends anybody ever had. And it’s funny, but I feel as if I’d known you all the time, but I couldn’t have, could I?’ – Dorothy, The Wizard Of Oz How wonderful are friends? Friends make life meaningful and become like one of the family. I love my close friends. Nothing…

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  • Be gentle with yourself

    Be gentle with yourself

    This week, I felt I needed to share this quote with you… No-one expects more from you than your best. You shouldn’t either! Be gentle with yourself.

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  • Let it go!

    Let it go!

    No, this is not a frozen reference and I’m not going to be bursting out in song any time soon…Okay, maybe just a little…have your moment…  The cold never bothered me anyway I could instead give you list of whys and how tos but instead let me leave you with this… Whatever is stopping you…

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  • What motivates you?

    What motivates you?

    Please share your ideas or your own experiences or even just a “whoop whoop” below. I love to hear from you and according to Walter that means I may be more motivated for the next 44 weeks I have left! Lately, I’ve been thinking about what drives and motivates us. For each person, that will…

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  • Let’s look after each other 

    Let’s look after each other 

    To be able to love and care for people that hold a special place in your heart is a wonderful thing. To be able to run and dance and laugh and sing is equally as wonderful and a blessing. Life and the people we share it with is a blessing, the journey bumpy with so…

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  • Love yourself!

    Love yourself!

    The world is an interesting place. We have so many different experiences, meet so many different people and we each navigate our life journey differently. Learning to understand one another is a wonderful, though sometimes difficult, process.  If you are someone who is more sensitive and can pick up on others emotions and feelings, it…

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  • And so it begins…

    And so it begins…

    Sorry, I guess that sounded a little ominous. This month I started the first week of my studies. Studying again, am I ready for this? I am not sure…but we will soon find out. In a couple of weeks, I may be crying and asking “What have I done?!”, haha. Today is also another special…

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  • Sneaking in…

    Sneaking in…

    Life…wow! Only the 2nd week of 2018 and it is already busy. Are you still in holiday mode? I think most people are as they slowly return to their homes and work. We kind of want to let it linger longer, don’t we? We have to get back into our routines and out of our…

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  • Hello 2018

    Hello 2018

    Here we go! Happy New Year to all of you! It’s the first week of my 52 blog posts. It’s also new year and a special anniversary for my family. It’s such a special day! So I’ll make this brief as we have lots to celebrate. 2017 was a full year packed with growth and…

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  • My Wish for you this coming year!

    My Wish for you this coming year!

    Time is going by so quickly and I’m going to be honest here… I’m freaking out a little. Soon it will be January. I already have meetings set for my upcoming studies. I have also taken on more responsibility in my work and home life. I’m not sure if I will be able to be…

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  • Blogging goal 2018 – I need your help!

    Blogging goal 2018 – I need your help!

    Every year, I share with you my goals for the next year. Let me just tell you this upfront, I plan on having an awesome 2018! I hope you are too! 2017 has been an interesting year. How was yours? What plans do you have for 2018? In 2018, I plan on studying, working, playing,…

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  • Put Christmas in every part of your Heart!

    Put Christmas in every part of your Heart!

    I like to put a little bit of “Christmas” in every part of my house. When I walk into a room and I see something, a smile travels from the tips of my toes to the corners of my mouth. I am reminded, it’s Christmas! For a moment I am still, and quiet, and present……

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