Love yourself!

The world is an interesting place. We have so many different experiences, meet so many different people and we each navigate our life journey differently. Learning to understand one another is a wonderful, though sometimes difficult, process.  If you are someone who is more sensitive and can pick up on others emotions and feelings, it […]

Moms who Care – #PayItForward

I am blessed to belong to a wonderful group of Women in the South Peninsula, Cape Town (in the valley). Some of us are connected on a group on Facebook called “South Peninsula Moms” which was started by Nicole Downes. A wonderful thing happened this week. Nadine van der Westhuizen‎ wanted to “bless a deserving mom” and […]

With Privilege comes Responsibility

There is so much anger in South Africa today. Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika – Lord Bless Africa! If we continue on this route, think who will benefit. Not the people. Not the youth. This post will be a little all over the place and perhaps a little controversial (not my favourite thing!) but I want to start a […]

Change your life in 90 days

They say it takes 21 days to make or break a habit but 90 days to make a lifestyle change. Usually when we break habits we are merely replacing them with different ones (hopefully better ones), whereas in 90 days – we are looking at changing the way we do things completely. For example, you may […]

From Fear to Hope

I wasn’t going to say anything, I am still not sure I will even post this… Over the last few weeks we have been bombarded with reports of online hate and racism. Thankfully there have also been counter posts of love and positivity. I don’t think people like Penny Sparrow are necessarily full of hate. […]