Week 43: Life of a Mom – I smell bacon!

“Brrrrrng”, the alarm chimes for the third time. I slowly switch it off being careful not to open my eyes just yet; my eyes tend to wake up the rest of my body, and I still want it to sleep a little longer. I smell bacon, mom must be making breakfast. Oh…wait…I AM THE MOM! […]

Week 24: Santa Shoebox Project

I am sure that by now you have heard about the Santa Shoebox Project. It is a really easy way to get involved in a small way that makes a big difference. This year they will be opening pledges one month earlier. The Santa Shoebox Project is officially a “tween”! At 12-years old, South Africa’s […]

Week 6: Love yourself!

The world is an interesting place. We have so many different experiences, meet so many different people and we each navigate our life journey differently. Learning to understand one another is a wonderful, though sometimes difficult, process.  If you are someone who is more sensitive and can pick up on others emotions and feelings, it […]