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  • Giving where we can, lets make Kindness trend!

    Giving where we can, lets make Kindness trend!

    As we wind down to the end of the year, you may feel heavy with the thought of all the sad things that are happening across the world, and in our own country. You may feel overwhelmed because often there is little that we can do about them. However, there are things we can do…

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  • Heritage Day Thoughts

    Heritage Day Thoughts

    Most of my ancestors came to South Africa around 1800 -1860. My great, great grandmother on my father’s side gave birth to my great grandfather in a wagon on their way to Zimbabwe in 1889. Whenever I feel weak, I remember her living in an ox wagon with children and a new born baby travelling…

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  • Strong & Innovative Women in South Africa

    Strong & Innovative Women in South Africa

    We have so many strong, creative and innovative women in South Africa. It is important that our daughters hear their stories, it is important that they hear our stories. While each of our journeys, as women, may be different – we can all learn from each other. It is important that we share our experiences.…

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  • Learning to listen to and trust your Inner Voice

    Learning to listen to and trust your Inner Voice

    You are a wonderful human with unique skills and talents. These skills and talents will help you in your journey and will bless the lives of those around you, most importantly – your family. You may be asking, what is my unique journey? What should I be doing with my life? Learning to listen to…

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  • Fabulous 40 is Knocking

    Fabulous 40 is Knocking

    So many people around me have been crossing the threshhold into their Fabulous 40s, from friends and acquaintances, to other family bloggers (shout out to Hayley from Hayleys Joys, and Luchae from My Spreadsheet Brain), and soon it will be my turn. As we cross this threshhold, many friends have said that they don’t feel…

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  • Lights out? 15 Things you can do with your Family

    Lights out? 15 Things you can do with your Family

    It’s not great when there is loadshedding during the middle of a work day; but at night, or when you have a day off, it is the perfect time to spend time together as a family. Make it fun! Teach your children to always look on the ‘bright side’, even if the only brightness is…

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  • Feeling Stuck? 3 Ways Lifelong Learning can change your life

    Feeling Stuck? 3 Ways Lifelong Learning can change your life

    People handle life and learning differently. When unexpected situations arise, when life throws you a curveball, or when you are just figuring out how to handle the next stage in your child’s development; we all chose to respond in a way that works best for us. For you, it may be having a mommy/girls day…

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  • Let’s Move Mountains

    Let’s Move Mountains

    I was making a few changes to my blog, when this post popped up: https://familytreasures.co.za/2015/12/my-goals-and-resolutions-for-2016/. I love reading my old blogs and seeing how things have changed and developed. Sometimes, I’m like – “Who’s this girl, she so smart!” – and other times I just laugh at myself. It’s fun to look back. It’s been…

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  • Dear South Africa

    Dear South Africa

    Today we are praying for our country. Please join us, whatever faith you belong to. Today, I am fasting for you and for me. Please be patient during this pandemic. Also, please don’t hurt each other, please don’t turn on each other. Please stand together. Your coming together to rebuild South Africa makes my soul…

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  • Curious Thor and Opening New Doors

    Curious Thor and Opening New Doors

    Working from home one day, I opened the front door to go and do the school run and was greeted by a large snout and two eyes almost at eye level. I screamed and slammed the door shut. . .realising. . .I think. . .that it was a dog. Now, to be fair, we do…

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  • Holding virtual Hands as we go into Lockdown

    Holding virtual Hands as we go into Lockdown

    It is 2 hours until South Africa is on Lockdown. It is pretty crazy if you think about it, just a few weeks ago we were getting on with our day-to-day routine and now almost 56 Million South Africans will be staying home for the next 3 weeks. I could get all technical with you…

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  • Understanding Bullying

    Understanding Bullying

    Bullying, it’s not the subject we want to talk about, no. We all want to be positive and talk about the good things in this world (there are so many ♥); but it is something that happens every day. We need to address it. We need to teach our children not only to NOT bully,…

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  • Do YOU, do real, do mistakes and do grace!

    Do YOU, do real, do mistakes and do grace!

    I feel like I need this printed and hung on my wall… We are a family that talks loudly, laughs loudly, cries loudly and loves loudly. We do sorrys quietly and gently, we do mistakes, we do real. As we grow, this is even more true. Most importantly, through it all, we love each other…

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  • Rest now, the Term is over!

    Rest now, the Term is over!

    The term is over, the term is over now (hummed to the lyrics of ‘The Storm Is Over Now’) This term has been quite hectic for us and this year is just flying by. I really want to press the pause button so that I can stop to take it all in. I am so…

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  • Doing Things the ‘Wrong’ Way

    Doing Things the ‘Wrong’ Way

    I have a make-up organiser that sits on my table. For month’s I put my eyeshadow palettes in the one section, but they never really fitted properly. I got used to them not quite fitting and made do. One evening, while chatting on the phone and packing things neatly, I accidentally put the palettes back…

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