Week 32: What is this? A reflection of the Moon? A Portal? Platform 9 3/4

Recently, on the 27 July 2018, we had a Blood Moon Lunar eclipse. Everyone was out watching the eclipse (with their cameras in hand) including my parentals. My father looked up and saw this light appear, get bigger and bigger and then disappear. He managed to get one good picture of it. What do you think it is? Perhaps someone […]

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10 Great Father’s Day gift ideas

“My father didn’t tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it.”  Clarence B. Kelland A Big Hug in the Morning Braai Set Fishing Kit A Set of Golf Clubs Leather Wallet A nice Steak or Biltong gift pack Home-made braai Apron Mixed Suprise Basket “Experience” Gift A guy Gadget

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The Role Fathers play in Modern Society

As a family, we have not had the typical family life since the birth of my daughter. I, myself have been in and out of hospital while the rest of my family was left to survive with nothing more than my earnest prayers. Luckily, my husband has always played a very involved role in my daughter’s life. This meant she […]

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