Change your life in 90 days

They say it takes 21 days to make or break a habit but 90 days to make a lifestyle change. Usually when we break habits we are merely replacing them with different ones (hopefully better ones), whereas in 90 days – we are looking at changing the way we do things completely. For example, you may […]

Sometimes you need a little “Pinspiration”

Starting on your organising journey can be fun and exciting but if you are doing it on your own, it can be downright boring – let’s just be honest. “Do I have to?”, you may ask yourself. “Can’t you just give me a magic wand?”, you may cry. I understand your frustration! So what can […]

Have Clutter? It’s partly not your fault!

It’s school holidays and I can bet that most of us have been spending more time on the kids than on our houses, offices, garages and/or other spaces…and that is not a bad thing! People before things! However, I am also guessing that if you have the time, you still would not be on a […]

What is Clutter and do you have it?

When I ask the question “Do you have clutter?”, I know many of you may be answering with an “Oh, yeah!” while others may be saying “No, not really, my house is pretty neat!”. The truth is we all have clutter. Some of us just hide it better than others. Remember Monica from friends? The […]

How to get organised: Step 3

If you are reading this, you have probably read  “How to get organised – Step 1” and  “How to get organised – Step 2”. Below are some tips that you can use as you are organising the clutter.   Create 5 Boxes When you are organising, you should sort everything into five boxes: Move to another […]

Organised: Play Room, Craft Room and Office

Keri had a multi-functional room which she had tried to organise and therefore was not a huge mountain of disorganisation but was rather a room that was not that functioning well. I am really proud of Keri for starting on this project even though she was feeling a bit ill and should have perhaps been […]

Organised: Moving Homes

Gizelle is moving homes and needed to organise a few spaces, declutter and decide what to keep and what to give/throw away. This is always a difficult process but it was even more difficult because Gizelle was away at the time that the organisation needed to take place. Usually, I work alongside my clients so […]

Organised: Toddler’s Room

When Carole sent me a message telling me about her toddler’s room she included words like “It’s bad”, “maybe you wanna sit before looking!” and “feel free to say no”. I am sure many of you can relate to this – there is always that one space in the house we avoid because, quite simply, we […]

Organised: Teen Pad

When Paula sent me a message, she said “It is one of those situations of opening the door, rolling the eyes and saying I don’t have the energy for this and closing the door once again”. I know so many people who feel like this when starting on their organising journey but don’t be discouraged. […]

Organised: Studio Apartment

Organising a Studio Apartment can be quite difficult but organising a Studio Apartment with a 2-year-old may seem almost impossible! Getting kids to join in with cleaning and organising is so important, so you need to celebrate their small victories and learn to allow them space to mess a little.   Shaz’s Vision This past […]