Affordable Holiday Gift Ideas

Here are a few affordable ideas that you and your family can make this Christmas.

  1. Cookies in a jar / Soup in a jar / Recipe in a jar – This gift, with its various layers of colorful ingredients, is most beautiful unwrapped. Make the instructional tag from a folded rectangle of white cardboard, decorate it with markers, and write the all-important baking/cooking instructions on the inside. Punch a hole in the corner for a length of narrow ribbon, which can then be tied around the jar’s neck or secured beneath the threads of the lid. Hint: Add only dry ingredients.
  2. Activity Travel Tray Craft – Cut a piece of Contact paper to cover one side of the Baking Tray. Paint the other side with chalkboard paint. Place the dry erase markers, piece of cloth (a small washcloth works perfectly), and chalk in the envelope.You can use the dry erase markers on the white side of the cookie sheet, and the chalk on the chalkboard side of the cookie sheet. Keep your cloth handy to wipe them clean. The tray can also be used as a surface to play cards and other games. Some Baking Tray also make a great surface to play with magnetic alphabet letters, magnetic poetry, and other magnets. Test how well a magnet sticks first!

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