About Us

You know what I love? I love that I am able to connect with so many wonderful, good, kind, faithful parents out there through technology. I love technology and how we use it to connect with others. I guess that is why I became a Web designer.

It’s amazing right!? We can connect, share our frustrations, get advice and share the joys and beauty of family with people all over South Africa and all over the world!

For example, the day I shared this recipe for Jungle Juice, I never knew it would get so many shares but that’s what it is all about – sharing, learning, supporting each other!

I love my family but I am not perfect. I learn something every day and I love that process. I love learning how to be a better me. I love seeing my family grow and my daughter bloom in confidence. She is amazing. I knew that from the day she was born. A light in our lives. She looks at the world through a different, more beautiful lens – like the time we went to the Scratch Patch.

I will talk a lot about our time together. I guess that makes me a Mommy blogger but I will also talk about the fun things we make, the places we explore as a family and the food we make and eat…so I guess that makes this an awesome Family, Travel, Food, Craft, Beauty, Lifestyle and Fun blog!

I also am incredibly grateful for the friends who are like family…not even like family, they are family. I love them all so much!

Where it all began…

I started the Family Treasures blog more than 7 years ago after the birth of my daughter. It began as a place to share and connect with other families, moms and dads, grannies and grandpas in Cape Town and beyond. It has been an amazing journey. I have learnt many valuable lessons from my family but also from you – Can I call you my fans? I am your fan!


Sorry everyone, I know you would love to see pictures of my dear daughter but I don’t post pictures of her online, you can read more about why I don’t here. You will have to enjoy these images of me and my partner in crime/life/family.

Welcome to Family Treasures! My name is Denise and this site is all about the joys we share as a family, including all those experiences we have with friends who are like family. The ups and the downs, getting creative and feeding our souls, travelling and exploring, dancing in the rain and taking time to remember what matters most. Please join me on my journey as I gather some family treasures and share them with you!