About Us

Hey! Thanks for visiting our website. My name is Denise and I am a Online Strategist and Web Designer, mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend, future famous author, bathroom singer, graduate and the list could go on. We all have so many different roles to play but the most important are the roles we play in our families.

Where it all began…

I started the Family Treasures site in March 2010 (well…a little before but formally then) after the birth of my daughter. The birth of a child is life changing and she has changed my life forever (for the better). I started this site to be a place of support and learning for all members of the family but especially the heart of the home – mom!

I had, what was for me, a difficult pregnancy. 6 Months of feeling permanently ill and the last two months I was on a diabetic diet due to Gestational Diabetes…which meant I actually lost weight during the last few weeks of my pregnancy. Nonetheless, I gave birth to a healthy, tall, 4kg Baby!

Just under two months after baby was born, they discovered (finally) what was the source of all my post-birth pain (it was my gall bladder) and after recovering from infection (I had now turned yellow), I had to go back and have it removed. As I was breastfeeding exclusively, this did prove difficult but we survived and I am now without gall…bladder 😉 and our family is stronger than before.

Family is the one place where you learn so much about…you! You learn, grow, laugh and cry. You teach, you live and (most importantly) you love! I believe our homes should be sanctuaries, soft places where we can fall when the world gives us a knock.

This is not always easy but I hope this site will help you, even in a small way.

Our Journey

As a family, we have recently moved closer to the water’s edge. My husband is an Architect but truth be told he would probably enjoy making furniture instead. He is very creative in that way. He can also fix just about anything. It always amazes me!

So, if you have a question, send it to us and we will see if we can help you!

I also started as the Web Assistant in March 2010 with my focus being on web design for small/medium/local businesses.