Empowering Digital Tools For Your Job Search

Quite a few moms and dads that I have spoken to recently are looking for work. Either their companies are downsizing, they are stuck in a position that doesn’t fully utilize their skill set, or one of many other reasons South African professionals face. So, how do you go about finding a new job that works for you and your family, while also stretching you to grow in the best ways? Well, its definitely not like it used to be. When searching for a job in 2024, you need to take a slightly different approach!

Charles Edelstein of Executive Placements says:

Gone are the days when you searched the newspaper for interesting job opportunities, and dropped or posted off your CV in its physical state. The leaps and bounds of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) mean that countless digital tools are now at your fingertips. On your laptop, desktop, or any manner of mobile device – to assist you in putting yourself forward more effectively for the position you rightfully deserve. (PS: Especially if you’ve invested in post-graduate certification courses, this makes you that much more employable!)

Job Apps & Online Boards

Select from the most visually appealing and user-friendly job portals that a Google search can elicit. These apps, boards, and portals should offer a place to type job-related keywords, and your ideal city in which to be based. A place to load your CV; the ability to sign up for relevant job alerts as these go live; and even CV-writing assistance. Or, perhaps, other pieces of advice that an applicant in the job market may find particularly useful.

I remember when I was starting out as a web designer and looking for work; I had posted my CV and info on a online job board and by just changing a few keywords, I had two interviews the next day. One of those interviews resulted in my first job as a web designer. Make sure that the job board you are posting to is safe and optimised to ensure that the right people connect with you!

The user-friendliness of your selected job board should also jump out at you, allowing you to search under a range of categories that include: job title, location; salary range; and how recently the position in question was advertised. Such keyword and category clout on a jobs board can prove a massive time saver for the busy and in-demand executives that such a portal is ideally hoping to attract.

Remember that the best in the business will work hard to make your career profile visible when there is relevant interest; and, simultaneously, will protect any sensitive information by working closely only with the best-in-class
executive search firms in the market.

Social Media Impetus

You won’t believe how many times HR managers and job-search experts go looking for the way in which you come across on social media, in a bid to gauge your level of professionalism. So, whatever you may post to close friends during/after a wild weekend away, remember that what appears publicly should include: a decent image of you, past professional roles, and a little detail on the types of pastimes you engage in – such as sport or an interest in the arts – which reveal how genuine you are, and how important you find it to de-stress or live a vibrant life after hours.

Start with a professional LinkedIn profile and make sure that whatever you post publicly, on all other Social Media channels, is in line with that same professional image. If it’s not, neaten that up first!

Cloud Technology

Don’t underestimate the power of the incredible cloud storage and transfer platforms out there, when you need to share a link or send out a large file – such as a portfolio of past work – to a prospective employer. What is vital is that industry professionals not only make use of the advancing technology in their daily lives to do their jobs more effectively, but also that they seek assistance from these tools in the quest to advance – onwards and upwards ­– along the career ladder.

Executive Placements is the perfect place to start!

At Executive Placements, our belief is that embracing these tools will help you find and be considered more accurately for that cream-of-the-crop industry role that you seek – by demonstrating your unique skills and experience; why you’re potentially the best candidate out there; and by helping recruiters and desirable employers to find you without a hitch.

Executive Placements

We wish you the very best with your job search! Remember, lifelong learning will give you the edge, but finding the right online portal will connect you with the right people! Lastly, keep in mind hope is an active thing, otherwise it is just a wish. Get out there and change your life today!

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