Wonderbags are a Wonderful Solution for Moms & Dads

At the end of last year, while I was walking along the beach with my family, I noticed a lady carrying a Wonderbag. I’ve known about Wonderbags for years so I knew immediately what it was. In my mind, I said “Yes, Girl!”. Imagine coming to the beach to relax with family, starting your meal on the stove and then transporting it using the Wonderbag’s convenient handles to a spot near a relaxing, white, sandy beach in Cape Town. When the kids and adults have thoroughly exhausted themselves, having loads of fun, you open your Wonderbag to reveal a delicious, home-cooked meal which is still piping hot. Amazing, right?!

So, I was delighted when Wonderbag reached out to us to be a part of our ‘Back to School’ Guide. With this guide, we try to find fun and easy ways to make the new school year easier, from helping your kids make new friends, to choosing the right school for your child, to learning to read, to finding ways to make things easier for moms.

Wonderbags are great for many reasons but I will mention just a few here:

Wonderbags save Mom’s Sanity

Of course every mom knows the value in providing healthy, home-cooked meals for their kids, after a long day at school, but – loadshedding is a beast – which I am so over and I am sure you are too. Wonderbags take care of the cooking even if loadshedding hits and save on your electricity bill even if it doesn’t.

Consider the Wonderbag as a cozy jacket for your cooking pan, maintaining your food’s temperature and cooking it further without the need for electricity or gas.

While it might seem like a magical solution, the Wonderbag operates on straightforward principles!

Cooking with the Wonderbag remains consistent across various recipes. Start by heating your food on the stovetop to reach the desired cooking temperature, then transfer it to the Wonderbag for a few hours to effortlessly continue the cooking process. It’s truly that simple!


The other day we were having friends over and I realised that it would be loadshedding just around the time they were expected to arrive. This was not a problem. I popped my pot into the Wonderbag and it was still hot a few hours later, and the food was perfectly cooked.

Another thing that you can do is prepare food in a pot just before you go to watch your kids soccer game and come back with supper ready, without the concern of an appliance being left on.

Wonderbags are great for Teaching Kids to Cook!

Teaching kids basic cooking skills from a young age is a great way for them to learn how to take care of themselves, be creative and it can boost their self-confidence. It also provides some quality time for you and your child to spend together. Once you have chopped and prepped the meal, and got it cooking on the stove, you can transfer it to the Wonderbag, so that your child can access it and check the food as it cooks. This is a little less stressful than having them hovering around the hot stove. Just remember, though, the pot will still be quite hot but the outside of the Wonderbag will be cool to the touch.

We are giving away a Wonderbag!

We love finding ways to make life easier for moms and dads, and we know using a Wonderbag will do just that! This icing on the cake? Family Treasures, together with the Wonderbag team, are giving away a Wonderbag valued at R450!

All you have to do is:

  1. Connect with us and Wonderbag on Social Media
  2. Tell us in the comments below what you love about The Wonderbag.

This giveaway will ran until the 29 February 2024 and the Winner is: Tanith!

Please note general competition rules apply.

If you don’t win, you can also make use of their Recipe for Change campaign and get your wonderbag at a reduced price!

Happy Wondercooking!

3 responses to “Wonderbags are a Wonderful Solution for Moms & Dads”

  1. I love this little invention. The first time I saw someone use it, I could not believe that it actually worked. I was pleasantly suprised a few hours later when we had a beautiful curry for dinner!

  2. I love the versatility of the wonderbag. They should actually call it a lifesaver bag. Most foods need only be prepared 90% then pop into the wondering and let the magic happen. I love boiling dhall then when it is 60% done, I put it into the wonderbag and literally forget about it. Tada!!! Perfectly cooked dhall. Wonderbags keep food hot for longer. No more eating cold sarmies during loadshedding. I normally cook my curry and rice. Then add both pots whilst still hot into the wonderbag. Pity though that my bag is starting to tear as it was a hand me down from my mom. Would love to replace it.

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