How to avoid Valentine’s Day Romance Scams

As Valentine’s Day draws near, so too do the lurking scammers seeking to exploit this season of love. These digital fraudsters prey upon unsuspecting individuals, leaving behind shattered hearts and depleted bank accounts. To shield yourself from Cupid’s cyber adversaries, it’s essential to employ some cautionary measures. We spoke to the friendly nerds at Dial-a-Nerd and they have sent through some ways in which we can do this. So, for all the single moms and dads out there, please take note and protect yourself during this month of love!

Exercise Caution with Unsolicited Messages

Firstly, approach unsolicited messages with skepticism, whether they arrive via email, text, or social media. Exercise caution when engaging with unfamiliar contacts and opt for reputable dating platforms that verify and monitor user profiles.

Recognize Red Flags

Recognize the red flags indicative of a potential scam. Be wary of excuses involving overseas circumstances, overly perfect profiles, or premature declarations of affection. Scammers often manipulate emotions to solicit money under false pretenses.

Understanding the Modus Operandi

Understanding the modus operandi of romance scams is crucial. Typically, the process begins with a seemingly genuine digital courtship on a dating website or app. As the connection intensifies, the scammer fabricates a crisis, tugging at heartstrings to elicit financial assistance.

Romance scams are becoming more and more prevalent in South Africa. Experts say there has been a remarkable increase over the past three years. Women looking for companionship are being scammed by men pretending to be who they are not. Some have lost millions with no, or very little chance, of getting their money back. 


Beware of Payment Methods

Scammers employ various payment methods designed to swiftly secure funds and evade detection. These may include wire transfers, gift card purchases, or cryptocurrency transactions.

Enforcing the Cardinal Rule

So, what is the cardinal rule?

The cardinal rule in thwarting romance scams is never to send money or gifts to individuals you haven’t met face-to-face. If you suspect fraudulent activity, cease communication immediately and seek advice from a trusted confidant. Additionally, take proactive measures such as password changes, financial account monitoring, and seeking support from relevant organizations or trusted individuals.

By remaining vigilant and informed, you can protect yourself against the perils of online romance scams and preserve both your heart and your finances. You deserve to be treated with love and respect, never accept anything less!

If you need help improving your online security, please contact Dial-a-Nerd for further assistance – www.dialanerd.co.za

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