Give me some Candy, some Keela Candy!

Soon it will be Christmas, work will be on hold and it will be time to rest and have some special moments with your family. So, we will want to keep our accessories comfortable, yet chic. Keela Candy create the perfect accessories for a casual, holiday look PLUS they customise their bracelets according to your needs.

Perfect Gifts for Mom!

Keep your kids close to your heart with customised bracelets with your kids names on them. These will be ideal gifts for all the special women in your life. Add some faith-based bracelets to your collection in your preferred colours. I have enjoyed wearing the ‘pray’ and ‘trust’ bracelets which focus me during the day.

A Special Teacher’s Gift

It’s also the end of the year and time to say ‘Thank You!’ to the teachers that cared for and nurtured our kids for the last year. Keela Candy offer customised teacher’s gifts, with the teacher’s name on it, creating something they can really treasure.


We are giving away some Keela Candy merch! If you enter here or below by commenting and telling us what your favourite gift guide items/bracelets are, you could stand a chance to win some Keela Candy plus many more prizes which will be revealed in the next month!

Please note general competition rules apply.

Visit Keela Candy on Instagram to see more of their styles!

5 responses to “Give me some Candy, some Keela Candy!”

  1. Terri-lee Falken Avatar
    Terri-lee Falken

    These are the sweetest gift to make a mama heart melt

  2. Keela Candy wow stunning gifting ideas. Perfect for teachers or my mom. Looove it.

  3. Genevieve Simpson Avatar
    Genevieve Simpson

    These are beautiful, and so special to have a personalised item!

  4. Such a beautiful gift to give to a mama 🩷 pretty but also so meaningful

  5. Yes… I would love this Keela Candy gift …….just in time for Christmas …..I need to be spoilt pleeaasse

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