Case Closed: I love it!

We love travelling but we don’t love using plastic to cover our bags (it’s just not great for the environment and a pain to remove). Sometimes it is also just so hard to know which bag is yours, when collecting it from the luggage carousel. So, you can imagine how delighted I was to come across this amazing, new product – a Case Closed Case Cover.

Case Closed came up with a clever alternative to plastic-wrapping your bags: High-quality, reusable, customisable case covers. They have a variety of standard options but if you want to customise yours with your gorgeous face, or a picture of your family, you can do that too. Recently, we tried out both (and they sent us *the* cutest customised travel pillow as well – can you handle it!). I can’t wait to go travelling again! I may still have one of me made, with a crazy face printed across 😜, and a few branded covers.

Their case covers come in different sizes and you can feel the quality; these covers are made to last! They slip on and slip off easily, but you can tighten the bottom when you want them to stay on. I love the Africa and animal print designs but there are so many more that I am dying to try out. If you try the customised cover, your bag will be easy to spot when collecting your luggage. I can also see so many varied uses for the cover when you get to your destination, like using it as a pram cover on a hot day or a nursing cover when you are stuck at the airport. My family joked that I could probably also use it as a dress (short-girl jokes).

I am in love with these covers: the quality, the clever design and the styles! I love that they are proudly South African.

Some people dream of travelling, some dream up inventions… at Cased Closed, we dream of both! We love travel and want to keep our stuff safe while doing it, but we hated that the only option for us was to wrap our cases up in plastic.

So, we forged a new path – we started Case Closed! With our small team of people passionate about the environment, we started our adventure and now Case Closed is here to give you stylish, unique and beautiful alternatives to plastic-wrapped suitcases.

Our suitcase covers help you protect the environment and stand out from the crowd – so you can hit the road faster! When you get there, you’ll know that all your goods are safe and sound, as our covers protect
against damage, theft and weather.

And if you’re not heading out on holiday, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered for that too. Contact our team to learn about our branded options for business travel.


We have awesome news! This is the first post in our Christmas Gift Guide and if you enter here or below by commenting and telling us what your favourite products or designs are, you could stand a chance to win one of Case Closed’s awesome covers plus many more amazing prizes which will be revealed in the next month! For friends and family who travel, this is the perfect gift; something different, something personal and something that will last! Which is your favourite design?

Please note general competition rules apply.

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3 responses to “Case Closed: I love it!”

  1. Terri-lee Falken Avatar
    Terri-lee Falken

    Absolutely inlove with the leopard print design and the name is sooo catchy. I’d love this under my tree

  2. Doria Cucciolillo Avatar
    Doria Cucciolillo

    WOW the leopard print as well as the I love Africa with the leopard print heart are both my favorite! Such a creative idea to bring new life into a suitcase!

  3. Genevieve Simpson Avatar
    Genevieve Simpson

    I recently travelled internationally and had a big problem identifying my luggage at the airport. This is just what I need! I love the elephants, and at the same time we show off out beautiful country.

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