Travel Games for the Family

I shared these games, recently, on our social media pages. We just love spending time together as a family, as well as with friends, playing these fun games and they are ideal for keeping everyone entertained when you are travelling. They are also so great for kids in developing various skills while also decreasing screen time and increasing social interactions. So, here is a little more information on them and yes, as promised, a giveaway!

Exit Games

Think Escape Room in a box, what I love about these games that the clues can be anywhere (not just inside the box). Be prepared to be entertained for hours exploring the Exit Games.

WHAT MY FAMILY SAYS: In this game, you learn to work together as a team. It is fun figuring out all the puzzles or clues.


I have spoken about this game before. Definitely a family favourite. It is SO MUCH FUN to play and is ideal for any age group.

WHAT MY FAMILY SAYS: It’s a game you can take anywhere, you have to think on your toes as you say one thing and the card says another, it brings you together as a family (physically too), the action cards make you laugh and, lastly, no-one can cheat (ha ha!)

5 Second Rule Travel Game

We have the 5 Second Rule Classic South African Edition and we just love it but it’s not ideal to take on the road, so their travel game is super cute and perfect to pop into our travel bags. With this game you have to think quickly and it is a great way to teach your kids how to brainstorm.

WHAT MY FAMILY SAYS: The timer is fun and makes a silly noise that makes us laugh. When you make a mistake it is funny and you can play it anywhere, even in the car!

Spot It Classic Mini Game

Perfect to use anywhere, my daughter used to play this game when they were waiting behind the scenes or at practice for drama productions, very quietly. It is small and compact, but packed with loads of fun.

WHAT MY FAMILY SAYS: It requires a quick eye and calm mind, it is suitable for any age and there are different games you can play with the cards.

You can purchase any of these games from most major toy/game stores and online at places like takealot.com.


We are giving away a hamper with 3 x EXIT games, The Taco-Cat-Goat-Cheese-Pizza Game, The 5 Second Rule Travel Game and The Spot It Classic Mini Game. The Value of this prize is R1500! All you need to do is this:

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  2. Share this post on your Socials 💖 (you can use the share buttons below or copy the URL)
  3. Tell us in the comments below what your favourite travel game is!

That’s it!

This giveaway is now closed – all general competition rules apply. Our draw was conducted via random.org.

AND The Winner is: Ruweida Muhammad

11 responses to “Travel Games for the Family”

  1. What a cool giveaway!! Our favourite family travel game is Cobra Paw. Shared on Facebook & Twitter.

  2. My favorite travel board game has to be “Ticket to Ride.” It’s the perfect combination of strategy, competition, and adventure, making it a fantastic companion for exploring new places while having fun.

  3. We absolutely love travel bingo. Everyone gets a travel bingo card except the driver off course and we find things like traffic lights, speed limit sign, tow truck, roadworks, parking lot etc. So much fun. First person to spot and scream ticks it off their bingo card.

  4. Exit Games looks like lots of fun! One of our favourite travel games in Top Trumps, but looking forward to some new options.

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