Skin Conditions that affect the Family

There are a few skin conditions that most families will have experience with. I will highlight 3 skin conditions that our family has struggled with and how we look after our skin.

Hormonal Acne

As a teen, I struggled with Acne, but it didn’t stop there. As an adult, I still get hormonal acne at different times of the month. I have a regular skin routine and this helps with this, but it never really cleared up until I started using The Camel Soap Factory soaps and creams. Now, if I do get anything, it is minimal and clears in a day or two. However, I’ll tell you a bit more about that later. Right now, if your teen is struggling with Acne, please don’t get the harshest cleansers and scrubs for teen acne, you will most likely damage their skin.

In my late teens, I was blessed to be able to talk with someone who was educated in all things skin and she directed me to a more natural, gentler approach which saved my skin. The key to healthy skin, when you have Acne, is not extreme chemicals but rather a regular, gentler routine which is carried out both day and night. If it is extreme, a trip to the dermatologist may be necessary.

Adult Acne, like teenage acne, is often caused by hormonal fluctuations. In women, it typically appears on the lower part of the face and is often called Hormonal Acne. Again, a regular routine is necessary, but also remember to look at your diet, stress and makeup and see if there are any triggers. Like I said, I find using The Camel Soap Factory’s Frankincense & Orange Face Cleanser Soap Bar with their Rescue Face Cream has changed my skin completely (look at the amazing results of a woman that also used their products below). They use natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals – highly recommend! Whatever you use, be gentle and regular with your facial routine. You are so worth it!


When my daughter was little, she struggled with Eczema. After multiple visits to the Dermatologist and thousands of Rands spend on steroid creams, which I did not want to use and only worked while using them, a women who we met about a chair told us to try Ingrams Camphor cream (it must be the original, not herbal). I thought that it wouldn’t work, after everything we tried, but it did help. Cleansing with Epizone A, and moisturising with it, started to help her skin heal.

I fully support Doctors and Dermatologists, I know at times they are needed, but in our case going a more natural way has been better for us. How I wish that the Delicate Soap Bar had been developed and available then. My daughter now uses The Camel Soap Factory range with no issues. My mother has adult eczema and I asked her to try it out. Her skin is so sensitive that it is hard for her to try anything, but she has had no issues using the Delicate Soap Bar.

So, what is eczema? Eczema, also known as Atopic Dermatitis, often appears as dry, flaky patches on the skin and can be extremely itchy or uncomfortable. Triggers can include allergens, irritants, stress and weather changes. You may have heard of the eczema triangle, or it’s official name, the Atopic Triad.

The atopic triad refers to the tendency of asthma, eczema, and allergies to occur together. The progression typically begins with eczema, followed by food allergies, and then the development of asthma and allergic rhinitis, which causes sneezing and a runny nose. Doctors also call this progression the atopic march.

Medical News Today

Understanding this, can help you with your child’s eczema, and possibly their ear infections! When we identified my daughter’s allergies, we were able to avoid triggers and take care of her skin. Using the correct cleansers and creams to assist with healing is then your next step.


Many people may have Psoriasis and not know that they have it, thinking it is another condition or even eczema. My husband has Psoriasis that only started when he was an adult. My uncle has also experienced it.

So, what is it? Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition which is characterised by the rapid build up of skin. Basically, your body gets confused and starts attacking healthy cells. Like eczema, it is itchy and flaky; at times it can also be painful. Triggers can include stress, skin injuries, infections and certain medications. Be aware of these triggers and try to avoid them where possible.

I would recommend meeting with a Dermatologist about this condition, there are creams and therapies that are available; although there is no cure. My Uncle and Aunt always advised us to lie in the Summer sun on the beach which I guess is a bit like the light therapy, but will also help reduce stress. Again, we have found The Camel Soap Factory soaps and Rescue Body Cream help to soothe and moisturise patches when they pop up. The photo below (on the right) is my husband’s arm. His skin has come a long way and is healing nicely since we started using The Camel Soap Factory products.

The Camel Soap Factory Products

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