Rush to RUSH – The perfect work / play space

It’s Friday afternoon and you are trying to finish off the week’s work so that you can rest and actually enjoy your weekend but the kids are home and are B-O-R-E-D. What do you do? Well, you rush to RUSH, of course. Recently, we were invited to RUSH in Claremont to check out their latest improvements and let me tell you – it is just what you and I are looking for! It is the perfect space, when you are working remotely, for the kids to work off some energy and have buckets of fun.

Remote Office – Check ✅

There are power points and WIFI. The work points have a clear view of the ‘bounce area’ both upstairs and downstairs, so you can keep an eye on your kids while you get that work done AND once you are done, you can flop onto a trampoline to have some quality bouncing time with the kids (and its actually a fun workout). Food is available upstairs, where you are working, so the kids can come up for some refreshments and touch base with you and then fly off for another bounce session, and yes, they have Slushies!

Safety First!

Safety is important at RUSH and they always have their support staff on the floor assisting and watching over your kids, making sure they are happy and safe. They have trampolines, obstacle courses, climbing walls, ‘battle bridges’, basket ball and more. There are so many different sections to keep your kids entertained in a healthy and fun way.

Visit RUSH

More and more people have moved from exclusively working in an office to more of a hybrid working environment. Like you and me, they are seeing the value in less time travelling or less time in the office, and more time with their families. The result is more people are less stressed and more productive; to me, that’s a win!

The question is, can you actually get work done at RUSH? I will answer you honestly, yes. I wouldn’t suggest having important conference calls there, there will be background noise, but there are many spaces and nooks where you can settle down and get some good work done. In fact, when we were there, there where quite a few moms and dads catching up on work while their kids where having the time of their lives.

For more information and to find your nearest RUSH (Cape Town/Johannesburg), you can visit https://www.rushsa.co.za.

2 responses to “Rush to RUSH – The perfect work / play space”

  1. my son loves rush…. but he hates going over school holidays because they are so packed. We prefer the quieter weekend vibes. I love that they now incorporate the working pods for us parents – it is an awesome idea.

  2. Yeah, kids are different, some like the crazy energy when its packed, some prefer the quieter times. I must admit, most days I am more like your son :), but RUSH are excellent at providing different options. For example, they now have Toddler time on a Friday morning, which is only for little people and their parents.

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