Learning to listen to and trust your Inner Voice

You are a wonderful human with unique skills and talents. These skills and talents will help you in your journey and will bless the lives of those around you, most importantly – your family. You may be asking, what is my unique journey? What should I be doing with my life? Learning to listen to and trust your inner voice will help you to discover the direction you must go. Sometimes listening to others can either dull or amplify our inner voice, be sure to keep people around you that amplify it and encourage you to be more authentically you.

What is your Inner Voice?

Some people would refer to their inner voice as their gut, their intuition, their inner dialogue or their higher self; others would refer to it as the Spirit or the Universe. When I think of my inner voice, I think of it as a combination of those things, but ultimately, it is about learning to trust what we feel and gaining perspective outside of our current circumstances. Something to note, as well, is that some people don’t have an inner monologue/dialogue, so I think our inner voice is customised to who we are as individuals.

Tips on how to listen and trust your Inner Voice

  1. Make sure you take care of your physical and emotional well-being. Try to ensure you are eating a balanced diet, exercising, taking necessary supplements and are emotionally well. When you take care of yourself and maintain balance, you will more easily hear your inner voice.
  2. Find the time and space to be calm and quiet. It is hard to listen to your inner voice when you are extremely busy (like most parents) and your mind is filled with a list of ‘must-do’s’. Take time, perhaps in the morning or evening to be calm, quiet and to listen to your inner voice. Make sure there are no distractions, especially with regards to technology and notifications. Remove all judgement and be kind with and to yourself. You may wish to begin with a little self-care time before you start. You may find it easier to journal during this time, this will be especially helpful for people who do not have an inner monologue.
  3. Stop thinking you have to have it all figured out. Guilty! This is me. I am a dreamer, a goal-setter, a fixer. I try to figure everything out and fix everything that needs to be fixed but it’s okay if you don’t have all the answers. Trust that everything will be okay. Listen to what your inner voice is telling you. If you push, you will often get stuck. If you listen, things will flow.
  4. Be Patient. Sometimes blessings are delayed because there are things waiting for us that are even greater than what we have planned. I remember when we found our house, which was for sale, posted under the incorrect category on a local website. We had put that plan to the side for a bit (and, by a bit, I mean a few years after not finding what we wanted) and then it all happened within a couple of months. It felt right, in a way that it never did before.
  5. Don’t Stress. Again, guilty! Don’t stress, live in the moment and trust that you have everything inside you to accomplish your goals. During times of trial and distress, trust that all these ‘setbacks’ and actually setting you up for greater things. Record your feelings and any ‘aha’ moments you may have, this will give you insight into your journey, help you trust your inner voice more, and help reduce stress.

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