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From the moment I opened my Tlou Tea package, the aromas and fragrances spoke to pure luxury. They took me away to a relaxing day on holiday or after a stress-releasing massage at the spa; the great thing is that each tea holds a secret. Each tea is thoughtfully put together in silk pyramid teabags with ingredients that perfectly compliment each other; the secret is that each type of tea has a unique adaptogen in it.

Adaptogens are plants, herbs and functional mushrooms which are known to assist the body’s natural performance against wear and tear, otherwise known as, daily stress and fatigue. Adaptogens are commonly bought in power form, liquid supplement and others in capsules.  While Adaptogens seem to be a new discovery, the use of these herbs, plants and functional mushrooms dates back to 3000 BC as part of ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic practices.


Our Favourites

Overall, I think our favourites are the caffeine-free teas (as we don’t drink Black Tea). Our top 3 being: Delicious Berries, Rooibos Delight and Chaga Chai.

Delicious Berries

A wonderfully refreshing, fruity cup of tea. You won’t miss the sugar/milk one bit, even if you are used to having it with your tea! Its adaptogen is known for its immune boosting properties.

Rooibos Delight

Golden luxury, this tea’s adaptogen supports immune health, clears brain fog and is known to boost one’s energy.

Chaga Chai

This wild, spicy tea’s adaptogen is best known for its high levels of antioxidants. It also helps fight anxiety and is great for boosting overall immunity.

About Tlou Tea

Tlou tea was started by founder, Ditshego Sedikela. Tea has always been an intricate part of her story. No one else in her family really liked tea, so she became the proudly appointed tea maker whenever guests came to visit. As she grew older, she dabbled in many forms of wellness. Around this time, she started exploring various teas, herbs, spices, botanicals, and adaptogens. This curiosity led her to understand the benefits of good physical, mental and spiritual well-being and what an exquisite cup of tea should embody.

Tlou tea is a 100% female owned South African premium tea brand. We offers hand-blended teas with herbs, spices and carefully selected adaptogens that aid mental and physical well-being.


The perfect gift

Tlou teas are the perfect gift for that special someone in your life who works hard and deserves the very best (which I think covers most moms). If you have forgotten to purchase a Christmas Gift; these teas and gifts effuse luxury, pampering and well-being, and are the ideal gift to make them forget that you ever forgot 💕.

Please note: As always, if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, taking medication or have a medical condition, consult your healthcare practitioner before use.

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