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I’m a web geek, I admit it. I am a web designer and love all things tech. So when I was sent the Logitech Signature M650 L Mouse, I was keen to try it out. The device is said to be for ‘large-sized’ hands, which is great, as it fits both my little hands and my husbands larger hands both comfortably. This mouse is a life-changer! It is super responsive, soft and quiet (no loud plastic clicks going on here). They have thought of everything with the M650; it has a natural fit, buttons which can be customised to your favourite shortcuts, and it can connect via Bluetooth or USB. All in all, I think it is amazing, you can’t hear me working and I get things done much faster with this awesome mouse. Love, love, love it! Now, I just need to get it in pink too – yes, you heard right, they have it in rose pink as well!

The Perfect Gift For…

This gift would be perfect for anyone in the family that loves tech, gaming or works a lot on their laptop/computer. No, it’s not just a boys gift, let’s normalise women in the field of Tech. Oh, and another simple thing that I love about this device is its packaging. It has an easy open tab that makes it so simple to get this device out (no need to hunt for those scissors!).

Where can you find it?

This sleek mouse can be found at most tech/computer stores as well as online at Takealot, Incredible Connection, etc. It would make an excellent gift for the gaming teen or the fellow web geeks (like me) that are part of your family. Trust me, they will love it! For more information on this product, you can also visit the Logitech Website.

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