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Friday night means that we can wind down from the busy week behind us and focus on planning some quality time with our families. What is a great way to do this? Boardgames, of course! I have featured quite a few different games on our blog. I think spending time together as a family (away from screens) having joyful, silly moments is so important. So for day two of our Christmas Gift Guide, I have found two games that will make you laugh, cry and maybe bring you little closer as a family.

Taco, Cat, Goat, Cheese, Pizza

This game had us cry-laughing all the way from start to finish. This is a great family game where you try not to get confused, but if you do, it just makes you laugh even more. Most of the time you are trying to look for matches between what you are saying and what is on the card, however, there are special cards that require special actions. At one point we were just staring at a goat not sure what to do. It’s fun, its fast and children from any age group would enjoy it. Its a great game to take on the road too as it doesn’t take up too much space.

To play Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza, each player places a card from their hand face up into a community pile while saying taco/cat/goat/cheese/pizza in player sequence. When the card matches the mantra – boom – everyone slaps their hand on the deck, with the last one to slap picking up the cards. Whoever rids themselves of cards first wins! Special action cards add to the slapstick fun. Ages 8 plus. Available from Takealot, Toy Kingdom, and Hamleys. RSP: 199.00

Pass the Bomb

This game is literally the bomb! It comes with a little electronic ‘bomb’ which ‘explodes’ when your time is up. Each ‘explosion’ takes a different amount of time so you never quite know when your time will be up! It has a funky gold and black dice that tells you where you can place the letters in the words you must come up with (quickly) and it is a great way to expand your child’s vocabulary. Think of it like a ‘hot potato’ word game. There is also a junior version which helps with creative thinking through association.

Pass the Bomb Junior is an association game that is ideal for young children. A player draws a card showing a beach and needs to name something associated with that scene, such as ‘sandcastle’ or ‘sea’. What makes this game a fun challenge is a time bomb which is passed to each player on their turn. The bomb goes off at a random interval somewhere between 10 seconds and 1 minute. The player holding the bomb when it ‘explodes’ has to keep the card. The player with the least number of cards wins. For ages 7 plus. Available from Takealot, Toy Kingdom, and Hamleys. From R349.00

I loved having lazy days with my family during the festive season – playing games, chatting and just taking a moment to enjoy the blessing of life and family. I think we mustn’t forget the value in that. Do you like playing games with your family? Which one is your favourite? We’d love to hear from you. In the meantime, If you’d like to spoil someone with one of these awesome, reasonable-priced games, head on over to Takealot, Toy Kingdom, or Hamleys. You won’t be sorry!

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