Experience Cape Town in a whole New Way!

This Sunday it will be Christmas. I know, crazy right? This year has just flown by. If, like me, you are a bit behind with your Christmas shopping or if you have to buy something for someone that has just about everything; you may want to think about purchasing an ‘Experience’ voucher. Kate from Culture Connect offers the perfect curated experiences that will give your loved ones something to remember.

This past Saturday we went with Kate on a private Walking Tour of Cape Town. Being a tourist in my own city is something I enjoy doing. I learnt so much on the tour, and started to look at things with a different perspective as we walked. Sometimes, you are in such a rush that you never really look at your surroundings and the history that they carry. Beyond the history and the beautiful architecture, Kate also took us to a variety of art galleries. Each one was so different from the next, and we actually attended the opening of a new exhibit (The Future Is Behind Us at the A4 Arts Foundation) which is running until the 26 April 2023. She also took us to various street art pieces and shared the background behind each piece.

There is so much to share from our tour that I could make a whole blog series about it, and so I was left wondering what do I actually share with you. I have decided to share nothing but photos. Kate is an amazing tour guide with an upbeat personality and a wealth of knowledge; if you want to know more about any of these photos, you can contact her at cultureconnectsa.com. Better yet, book one of her custom or public tours and experience Cape Town in a whole new way!

Meet Kate

Kate is actually from England and married a South African urban designer, Guy Briggs. They moved to Cape Town in 2010 from London with their two children. Kate worked in London’s art world for 25 years and has a BA Hons in Art History from the University of East Anglia, and a post grad from Westminster University. She qualified as a cultural tourist guide and founded Culture Connect specialising in the art, architecture and heritage experiences in and around Cape Town.


Enjoy Cape Town’s history and spaces, as told through its design and buildings.


Discover Cape Town’s dynamic, impressive and growing art scene.


Get the lay of the land – walk through the city visiting local and tourist attractions. . . This is a great way to get to know Cape Town, while getting a good feel of South African history and life.

Whether you are touring your own city or visiting from out of town, learning more about history and getting to know different people & cultures helps us to become better versions of ourselves. I am so grateful that we live in a democracy that allows up to move freely and interact with people from all different walks of life. May we treasure those experiences and the struggles of those who walked before us.

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  1. Dear Denise
    I love your photo-essay and take on my tour.
    ”May we treasure those experiences and the struggles of those who walked before us.”
    Many thanks,
    Kate x

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