Lights out? 15 Things you can do with your Family

It’s not great when there is loadshedding during the middle of a work day; but at night, or when you have a day off, it is the perfect time to spend time together as a family. Make it fun! Teach your children to always look on the ‘bright side’, even if the only brightness is a few candles.

Here are 15 Things you can do with your Family when the Lights go out

  1. Have a candlelit dinner together and talk about the day. If you haven’t prepared ahead of time, you may need to opt for a summer salad instead, but time around the table together is always good.
  2. Play boardgames. After supper, get some boardgames out for some fun and laughter. Here are some links to a few games we have reviewed recently: Qwirkle, Bananagrams, Mobi, Rory’s Story Cubes, Pencil Nose & Magformers (not quite a boardgame, but great for little kids)
  3. Build a blanket fort with blankets, sheets and pillows. You may wish to do this before you play games so you can play inside the fort.
  4. Draw or paint together.
  5. Make a family tree. You can also download the Family Search App and do it digitally.
  6. Tell jokes. Young children will really enjoy those punny dad jokes.
  7. Make a flipbook. There are lots of YouTube videos on how to do this but you can even do just a simple flipbook. My family has been having fun with flipbooks (and stop animation – video to follow soon).
  8. Girl Time. Mom and the girls may want to have some pamper time and paint their nails. Dad can join in too if he is game, haha.
  9. Dance off! If you have a battery-operated radio, turn to a station with music you can dance to and have fun.
  10. Go for a walk. If it is still light, go for a walk and get some fresh air. If there is a park nearby, stop at the park.
  11. Call loved ones. We are always so busy with school, work and life! Loadshedding offers the perfect opportunity to connect with family.
  12. Colour-in. Colouring books are fun and therapeutic for both kids and adults alike. Get out those colour pencils and see what you can create!
  13. Play charades. Charades is a great game which will get the family laughing and communicating better.
  14. Have a braai. This wouldn’t be a South African list without mentioning a braai. Sit outside together, braai supper, roast marshmallows and have fun chatting together.
  15. Play 20 Questions. Think of an object, let your family members figure out what it is by asking you 20 questions. 

Life goes by so quickly, enjoy the little moments 💕

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