I am absolutely loving all the Spring Fashion that is coming out. Not only is it beautiful and refreshing (after a long winter), but there are so many comfortable and modest fashion trends this season. The only thing some of them are missing are pockets but, hey, that is a discussion for a different day.

My latest favourite is the Trapeze Dress. I have found these dresses everywhere from high-end boutiques to your everyday retail stores. They are available in both a long, ankle-length version and a shorter, knee-length version. I love both!

If you’ve had enough of shifts and sheaths, turn your attention to the trapeze silhouette. The style gets its name from a trapezoid, featuring a cut that’s narrow through the neckline, armholes and bodice before flaring out into a tent-like shape. Widely considered a forgiving dress style for how it lays on the body, the floaty trapeze is architectural and airy at once.


Where you can find them

You can find these dresses in different solid colours as well as various patterns. My favourite thing about it, is that the current trend includes sleeves! What is your favourite style of dress? Another similar style is the A-line dress.

A TRAPEZE dress is a dress style that is narrow at the shoulders and very wide at the hem of the dress. It’s like an A-LINE dress, but the TRAPEZE dress has a much wider hem than the A-LINE, and they often end below the knee.


Here are a few places you can find them online:

Light in the Box

Light and perfect for Summer!


Superbalist has a whole range of Trapeze Dresses (some even have pockets!)

Old Khaki

Add some colour to it!

Mr Price

Trapeze dresses look great in pattern too.

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