We were recently invited to Playstation by Rush which has opened at 10 Honeywell Road, Kirstenhof; down the road from Spotty Dog in Cape Town. Generally, my experience with most play centres over the years has been one of mediocre food, slow wifi, not enough space and not many play options or too focused on one age group. To be fair, there has been the odd exception, but Playstation was really a different experience.

It’s the perfect time for Playstation by Rush to open its 600m2 interactive, indoor playpark for children aged 2 to 13. It’s a safe space where ‘kids can be kids’ and parents can take some much needed time out! Playstation is designed to provide multisensory experiences as your children play and have fun. It is proudly tech-free and encourages active play which is critical for developmental skills, including visual and tactile stimulation, agility, balance, hand-eye coordination, upper and lower body strength and cognitive thinking through problem solving.

On Arrival

When we arrived there, the staff were friendly and helpful, and I am not talking fake friendly. The staff seemed genuinely happy to be there and seemed like lovely people. Our temperatures were taken on our wrists and I was impressed by this as most people point it at your head without even asking. We sanitized and there were regular reminders for staff and those playing to sanitize (as well as many different stations to do this).

Seating Areas and Service

The seating areas/tables are situated all over the play area. I really appreciated this. I remember when my daughter was young and she wanted us nearby but also wanted to play. The play area and table/seating is one, not you on one side and your child on the other far side, but cleverly laid out to avoid crashes between those playing and those eating.

All the tables and chairs are different. Some tables have ‘Swing chairs’ on either side of the table. I thought this was super cute. Will sit there next time. Our waiter was lovely and helpful.

The Food

Wow! I was not expecting to enjoy the food so much. I don’t even like onion rings, but I could have eaten a whole box of theirs. Their food was really great and who says you have to eat bad food just because it is a play centre! There were healthier options on the menu too. The milkshake was left oozing yuminess for the photo but it was cleaned up and a saucer was placed underneath. Every precaution was taken with regards to hygiene.

My little guest said I must add that they must add the drinks list to the menu as we had to ask what was available and I said I would add it to the blog post, ha ha. I am sure this would change from time to time which is possibly why.

Oh, and if you are a regular reader, you will know my daughter has allergies. They were so helpful in making provisions for her. It’s the little things that make a big difference.

Wifi and Working

Because of the large space, I could see myself catching up on work there. There are assistants all around to help the children and the wifi was fast. I checked it! Shocked!

Different Play Options

I like the fact that there are different play areas for different ages, this helps for families with children of different ages. My dear daughter and her friend bravely climbed the climbing wall, and did the obstacle course up high with assistants helping along the way.

Overall Feeling

Overall, it was a great experience from start to finish, and I can’t always state that. It really was lovely and as soon as you enter you leave the hustle and bustle and forget where you are for a moment.

Well done Playstation by Rush, I wish we had you around 10 years ago! Visit their website: www.playstation.rushsa.co.za for more information.

* Update *

Playstation also does Kids Parties! They have a dedicated event organiser and they also allocate a party host to make sure things run smoothly and the kids have the best time. Playstation has two private party rooms that can accommodate from 5 (minimum) to 20. It’s about more than just good food, cake and fun.  It’s about family and friends sharing special moments without having the worry of organising the party! It’s simply a case of showing up and enjoying the occasion.

There are three party plan options, either catered or self-catered. This includes two hours of play, party packs for the little guests and a gift for the guest of honour. The team sort out everything from the setup to the fun and catering.  And of course they clean up afterward. No mess, no fuss, for you!

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