Do YOU, do real, do mistakes and do grace!

I feel like I need this printed and hung on my wall…

We are a family that talks loudly, laughs loudly, cries loudly and loves loudly. We do sorrys quietly and gently, we do mistakes, we do real. As we grow, this is even more true. Most importantly, through it all, we love each other very much.

When I was a child, my mother always said exactly what her mother said to her: “I hope you have a daughter just like you, then you will understand”. . . and you know what, I did. I did and I am so glad I do have a daughter just like me. A strong daughter who speaks up for others, who is thoughtful and has her own opinion on a lot of things. A clever, smart, beautiful daughter who challenges me every day to become a better mother. It is hard growing up and we can all use a little more kindness, but she knows that I am her mother first, not her friend. She also knows, I have her back. I know and she will know, one day, that she comes from a line of strong women.

As we navigate this whole growing up thing, I am learning to love myself and her even better. Through all the chaos of work, studies and our other responsibilities, we are learning to love what matters most – our family. We are learning to be friends and we are learning to communicate better, all of us.

This world is sometimes cruel, people will judge, people will tear down instead of building up; but we can be a light to others. We can be a light, by loving others and being true to who we are, not by becoming what others want us to be.

Do YOU, do REAL, do MISTAKES, do GRACE! The rest is between you, your family and your God.

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