Review: Vitalge – Healthier for Longer

Recently we were sent some products to try out made by a local company focused on longevity. Vitalge (pronounced “Vital” as in Vitality + “ge” as in Age) is a company focused on helping people look good, be healthy and live long.

We were sent 3 products: Life Force, Glow Rejuvenation Face Serum and a small sample of the Glow HandPrint Hand Serum to test over the period of a month.

Glow Face Serum

Let’s start with the Face Serum (which I just love). I have used the Face Serum every morning and evening since I received it and it has really made a difference. Through the hormonal and stress-related ups and downs, my skin has remained relatively clear and healthy. It is looking less tired and fine lines are starting to fade. We even did a long road trip where I missed 2 nights of sleep and dealt with different climates. Amazingly, my skin held it together and didn’t freak out as it has done before. I am very impressed with this product. The nice thing about it is that it is great for a range of skin types, from dry to oily.

Today’s harsh environment, a changing climate, poor diet, a stressful lifestyle, not enough sleep and a rushed skincare routine are all factors that can lead to malnourished and prematurely ageing skin. Using only pure essential oils and ancient botanical extracts, Glow Rejuvenation Face Serum™ has been specifically formulated to penetrate deep into your skin.

Glow Rejuvenation Face Serum™ Action
Watch your fine lines get ironed out, see your sun-spots lighten and notice elasticity being brought back, leaving your skin looking younger and feeling soft. Also try Glow Serum™ for redness, eczema, UV damage, itchy skin, stretch-marks and scars


Glow Hand Serum

We all know where you can tell the true age of a woman – her hands and neck. We use our hands all the time as mothers, wives, sisters; at work and at play. This is why it so important we take time to pamper them a little.

I had a funny experience with the serum. I tried it the day before and the next day I was doing an everyday chore, where the thought came to me . . . “Why are your hands so soft?”. I had completely forgotten about the Hand Serum I had used the day before. So, it is a definite yes from me!

Life Force

Life Force™ is Vitalge Nutraceuticals’ premium health and longevity product. With its unique formulation it leads the charge in the fight against ageing and age-related chronic diseases and illnesses. It promotes cellular rejuvenation, anti-ageing, extended health and healthy longevity.

Life Force™ is a 100% plant-based, whole herb botanical product containing some of the most revered ancient adaptogenic herbs from China, India and Siberia.


When I took Life Force, I definitely felt my body was dealing with stress and anxiety better. For me, I felt a little light-headed and nauseous taking the suggested dose. Something to note is that this dosage is for the average adult of +- 74kg. I do not weigh that much. So if you feel the same symptoms, you may want to look at reducing the dosage.

This is something you take internally (ingest) and I think over time you will probably notice more results. I didn’t notice a marked difference, apart from what I said above; but perhaps I was expecting the same immediate results that the serums brought which could be a bit unfair. The diagram below explains more.

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This has been an awesome colab with Vitalge.com.

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