Making Black Friday and Cyber Monday work for you!

Would you like to know how to use Black Friday and Cyber Monday to your advantage, in the easiest way possible? It will help you to save on Christmas gifts or help you save more for your end of year Holiday by spending less on what you really need. How do you know what you really need? Maybe you should read my blog post on being Closet Smart for this example.

Now, in that post, I say don’t just buy things because they are on sale and I stick by that, BUT you can use this awesome time of year to purchase things you actually need at a fraction of the price (if you are prepared)!

When you are thinking of buying something new, ask yourself:
– Can I wear it with at least 3 things I already own?
– Can I wear it for 3 different occasions?

Free up some space in your closet so you can actually see those clothes you love. When you do this you will know what you have, be able to answer the questions above and spend less!


For this example, I am going to use Superbalist.com; but you can make these holidays work for you with many off- and online shops. The key is preparation!

1. Be Prepared

Before the day, you need to make sure that you know what the specials are (if possible). For a grocery store, they often send out pamphlets. Have a plan when you go in, or even better, plan to wake up and check out early if they have the same specials online. You can also compare similar shops and see which one has better special offers.

I love Superbalist. They always have an amazing selection at great prices. With our example (Superbalist), you can actually add all your favourite items to your wishlist BEFORE the day. In this way, you will be notified of specials that affect the items on your wishlist first and easily add them to your cart (and checkout) before anyone else has even had a chance to look at what is available!

2. Set a Reminder

Life is busy and we forget things. Set a reminder on your phone, so that you don’t miss out on those early specials, and make sure you will have easy access to your laptop or phone on the day (and WiFi!). Oh, by the way, did I tell you Superbalist have a super, user-friendly app that you can download from the app store? Using it is as easy, if not easier, than the website.

Take Note of the Dates: Black Friday (Nov 29th) and Cyber Monday (Dec 2nd)

Black Friday 2019 falls on November 29th and Because Black Friday was originally a brick and mortar tradition, online retailers have adapted and taken Black Friday to the next level by extending it over the weekend and introducing Cyber Monday where prices drop even further. Naturally, Cyber Monday 2019 will be on the 2nd of December.

3. Make your Decisions beforehand and Stick to them

On these crazy, discount days; time is of the essence. This is not the day to be making decisions. The quicker you checkout the better, otherwise you may lose out on your preferred items. Go straight to your wishlist, add your items to the cart and checkout immediately. Phew! now you can enjoy the rest of your day and avoid those crazy queues!

Here are 5 of my 2019 Favourites

Let me share some of the items on my wishlist this year:

Adidas Shoes

I’ve loved Adidas Shoes ever since I got my very first pair. They always seem to fit perfectly and function just as they should, offering your feet the most comfortable support. I find, a good trainer is perfect for me and I absolutely love this grey and pink Edgebounce trainer from Superbalist. Wishlist – added!

A Soft Pink Duffel Bag for the Gym?

I just love how soft, pretty and (at the same time) functional this gorgeous pink Nike duffel bag is. Yes, I never thought you could put duffel bag and gorgeous in the same sentence; but I just did it ( see what I did there 😉 ) and it totally deserves the compliment!

More Shoes…with a little bit of Summer

With summer around the corner, this pink wedge heel is so pretty and perfect for a summer’s night out at friends.

Last time I was shopping for winter boots on Superbalist, I found myself drawn to very bright and bold colours, whereas now I find myself edging towards the softer colours. Interestingly, on the interior decorating front, they are also going softer; with Benjamin Moore’s 2020 color of the year being a soft pink. Maybe that means the world is becoming a little softer, a little kinder. Let’s hope ♥

The great thing about a pretty, neutral wedge is that you can pair it with a few different outfits, from jeans and a top to a beautiful summer dress.

Pink Feather Earrings

Keeping with the soft, summer vibes; how awesome are these Pink Feather Earrings. A New Take on the trendy Tassel earrings!

And Lastly, a bit of Casual Femininity

I just love how comfortable and pretty this long sleeve maxi woven dress looks. I have also found a few dresses with pockets (a rare find, indeed!). I am actually taken aback the variety of dress options available at Superbalist.

More information

Adidas shoes: https://superbalist.com/shop/adidas-shoes

This has been an awesome colab with Superbalist.com. If you would like more info on their Black Friday specials, visit https://superbalist.com/blackfriday .

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  1. I purchased one sneaker, but it took over 2 weeks to arrive.

  2. Hi Almarie, things sometimes take longer over the festive season, but Superbalist do listen to feedback. Did you contact them directly? What did they say?

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