Waffles, Wall-Climbing and all things Wonderful!

Recently, we got to celebrate my daughter’s birthday at DS Fitness Studio in the Deep South. From the very beginning, through the booking process and all my questions; they were very polite, professional and always helpful. It’s been a while since I have received such refreshing service. I can’t rave enough about them, really! The ladies there are amazing. The venue is amazing! Wall-climbing with trained, female assistants (yas, Queens!); ample space for party goers; room prepped with balloons, tables, chairs, colouring-in pages, crayons and more; a fantastic upstairs area with windows for the parents to hang out and watch; and secure parking – just great!

The Best Part was the ‘Waffles on a Stick’

The best part of the day was the entry of the “Waffle Man” as the kids called him from Waffle on a Stick. Mr Fryddie set up in no time at all and soon the room was filled with that glorious waffle smell. The waffles on a stick are just so ideal for parties and other private functions (and they were downright delicious). A special waffle was created for the party girl herself. The kids selected various toppings and soon we had many smiling faces covered in chocolate sauce and cream. Some of the kids wanted to take the Waffle Man home so that he could provide an endless supply. I told them that, unfortunately, we couldn’t steal the Waffle Man.

Just as quickly as Mr Fryddie had set up; he was packed up and like a waffle magician, he had vanished (and left not even a spot to clean up). It was almost as if he wasn’t there at all, except for the lovely, lingering smell of waffles which had all disappeared very quickly. Mr Fryddie was absolutely fantastic, I really can’t say enough about him and the venue. Clean up was quick and painless and apart from the prep, I didn’t have to stress about much at the party because it was all taken care of. How great is that! (Mom’s, I know you feel me here!)

For more information on the Waffle Man, you can visit their website:

You can also find Waffle on a Stick on Social Media here –
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mhfryddie/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/waffleona/

The most important part, was that the kids had fun spending time together. Some enjoyed climbing the wall, all of them enjoyed the waffles and a few spent most of the time chasing each other with balloons. Kid’s parties are the best, but they are even better when we have a little help from our friends!

This post was deliciously sponsored by Waffle on a Stick

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  1. WOW. Am I that good? Thanks for the rave review. At Waffle on a Stick we believe good service is everything.

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