Rest now, the Term is over!

The term is over, the term is over now (hummed to the lyrics of ‘The Storm Is Over Now’)

This term has been quite hectic for us and this year is just flying by. I really want to press the pause button so that I can stop to take it all in. I am so proud of my daughter and her report. At times, when I was snowed under with work (and now that I am also getting back into my studies), it was good to know that she was still actively prepping for her tests using WorksheetCloud. I am blessed to have a supportive husband and amazing close friends. My husband and I both actively work together to do the best we can, for our family and for each other. I won’t lie, though, it is not always easy . . . and when you are tired, or rather overtired, it is even harder.

It is especially not easy when I feel broken; seeing all my South African sisters, daughters and mothers being broken. It is even worse, when I experience the expectations of disrespectful men.

South African’s have the most amazing Sense of Humour!

BUT, South Africa, you don’t let me down. Amidst all the darkness and the pain, you show me your beauty. The Ndlovu Youth Choir; the ‘Dames’ song by Biggy and the countless memes and videos that show me that you still have a sense of humour (you are so talented – seriously, I have laughed until I cried); and, most importantly, the countless men and women coming forward in defense of women. You make me proud!

I hope over these school holidays you may find some time to rest, not only physically, but emotionally too.

Much Love and Positivity,

Denise and the Family Treasures Crew

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