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Chocolate? Just what the Doctor Ordered

Recently, we received this awesome delivery. Chocolate! They know me so well ;).

The delivery came with the awesome Doctor Chocolate Syringe and a fantastic recipe for a Chocolate Milkshake I was just dying to try out! It really was amazing – and I know my chocolate. They also are launching a chess set, where you eat the pieces you win! Sigh…is there any other way to play chess? No, I tell you!

South Africa just got a new taste sensation with the official arrival of Doctor Chocolate in the country. This follows Doctor Chocolate’s success worldwide, across three continents, over seven years.

A delicious dose of silky, creamy, smooth chocolate, Doctor Chocolate presents great taste and great fun with three unique, stand out products: Doctor Chocolate Original, a super-delicious hazelnut spread in a distinctive 60g “syringe” pack to inject more fun into your taste-buds; Doctor Chocolate Magic 66g, a candy coated praline and; Doctor Chocolate Chess 210g, milk and white chocolate chess pieces complete with a paper chess board.

Along with confectionery distributor Swiss Diversitas Group, locally Doctor Chocolate is partnered with Nontwenhle “Nonts” Mchunu, the country’s first black Chocolatier.

“I’m excited to be part of a brand that will resonate with all South Africans, young and old. Doctor Chocolate’s superior quality, great concept, fun approach and well-considered price point really hits the sweet spot,” says Nonts.

Thank you Doctor Chocolate for making my day. I am always willing to try out anything chocolate. It’s my duty! Have you tried the new Doctor Chocolate? What did you think?

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