Life of a Mom – I smell bacon!

“Brrrrrng”, the alarm chimes for the third time. I slowly switch it off being careful not to open my eyes just yet; my eyes tend to wake up the rest of my body, and I still want it to sleep a little longer. I smell bacon, mom must be making breakfast. Oh…wait…I AM THE MOM! Must be the neighbours.

I slide out of bed and focus on the tasks ahead. “Is everyone up?”, “Have you had breakfast?”, “Did I sign your homework book yesterday?” and “Where is your other shoe?” echo through the house. We get ready. I get distracted, with memories of sleep, and I am tempted to visit the neighbours’ house as I stare down at the cereal. “Okay, quickly, out the door”, I say as I hear my mother in my voice. We drive, say our goodbyes for the morning and start work or school.

Work, I love it. I am really busy at the moment. Studying, I question my choices, but I am growing. By leaps and bounds, I think they say. Who are “they”? Were “they” ever parents because “they” seem to have a lot of time to say things. Back at the screen, snacks keep me focused. “I need to go back to Zumba to work off all these snacks”, I giggle. I see my clients work, I clap. They are awesome. I love to see them grow. Toilet break, such an interruption while I am coding. Now I will never find the place where I forgot to close that bracket…sigh! I’d blame the Rooibos tea, but it was a great cup of tea.

Time to fetch my mini me. “I hope she had a good day”, “Did she remember to pack that book?”, “I think so” and “I wonder if they should change their content plan.” float around my head. She is smiling, it’s been a good day. Time for after school activities. All done. Rained, a little wet. Stop at the shops, restring that guitar and, oh, I almost forgot about that meeting. I had better call. Cancelled – phew!

Back home, homework and study work. We catch up on work, make supper, clean up, read, pray, plan and remember all the other things that we didn’t get to today. Lay down. Feel blessed. So tired but life is good. Almost sleeping…”Brrrrrng”…wait…I just fell asle…New day!

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