The Rice Krispie Revolt

The other day my friend called me and said: “Hey do you know that there is a new Rice Krispies recipe? It now has a vanilla flavour and corn!”

He didn’t say this with the enthusiasm you may have assigned to this quote. He is actually intolerant to Maize and that little green label barely stopped him from a lot of regret!

“It also now contains wheat!”, he exclaimed. Oh no, that’s not good. No more Rice Krispie mornings or Rice Krispie Treats in our home as we have a wheat allergy here. This has left me thinking… what were they thinking?

Kelloggs Response

Well, according to Kelloggs its what the customer wants…

Looking at the Social Media revolt, I’m not so sure that has been researched properly or it is just an excuse to make a greater profit using other grains.

Let me tell you why that doesn’t work…

Excluding your Target Market

You see, Rice Krispies was the gentle big kid cereal for sensitive tummies. It was allergy-friendly to a degree (it did contain gluten, barley gluten) and the friend to those with intolerances. It was safe for those avoiding wheat and it snapped, crackled and popped!

Even in our country, this market is growing by the day and, by changing the recipe as they have, they are ultimately telling this market that they don’t need their money or care about their needs. Ouch!

If their sales were dropping it was probably because the price has steadily been increasing.

Apparently, the new recipe was tested among 400 mothers and kids, half of whom ate Rice Krispies regularly. The other half were either new or “lapsed” Rice Krispies eaters. I personally think a little more research could have been put into such a big change.

More Bad News on the Popping Rice front!

In addition to the new grains, they have now added even MORE sugar!

Well, that’s it folks. It’s a Rice Kritastrophy! What do you think of the changes? Tell us in the comments below!

6 responses to “The Rice Krispie Revolt”

  1. If they were that confident about it there would have been a rather large advertising campaign…. Did you see anything?

  2. Agreed Grant, perhaps they were just seeing if they could get away with it without too much fuss?!

  3. My poor son was a Rice Krispies addict – 3 bowls a day if he could. Now the new ‘flavour’ is well over our family’s cereal sugar max (max 10%). We simply won’t be buying Rice Krispies anymore. It might ‘taste better’ but doubling (or more) the sugar content means it’s a no go for us.

  4. From the buzz on social media, it seems most people feel the same way, Cathy. It’s so unfortunate. Hopefully, the will change the recipe back soon!

  5. https://www.businessinsider.co.za/old-new-rice-krispies-2020-1

    looks like they have come back to their senses….

  6. Hi Alice. Thank you. This is great…but it is now imported and over R70 :O. Well, I guess we have to pick our battles. Apparently they can’t produce it here.

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