What is this? A reflection of the Moon? A Portal? Platform 9 3/4

Recently, on the 27 July 2018, we had a Blood Moon Lunar eclipse. Everyone was out watching the eclipse (with their cameras in hand) including my parentals. My father looked up and saw this light appear, get bigger and bigger and then disappear. He managed to get one good picture of it. What do you think it is? Perhaps someone out there in the wild, wild web can explain this strange phenomenon.

I have uploaded all the images he took with the strange light first as is (they may take some time to load) and then zoomed in for a closer look (see featured image). I promise these photos are not changed in any way, my Dad wouldn’t know how (ha ha, Sorry Dad!).

The Photographs

The one below he took after he saw the light with his naked eye. That red/orange thing is the moon!

This one looks like a reflection in the sky. 3 Moons? A bit movie-like.

Looks pretty normal here… Zoomed in…
Another freaky light!

Any budding Astronomers out there? We would love to hear what your thoughts are. Drop us a line or comment below!

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