Review – Annie and the Little Blue Jug

Recently I bumped into a lovely gentleman in Noordhoek, Author William Selway Robson. William (or, we shall call him Bill) is a published Author who wanted us to review a book aimed at children in their tweens (around 9-12 years of age). The name of the book is as the title says, “Annie and the Little Blue Jug” (and there is also an Afrikaans translation – Annie en die Blou Bekertjie).

The Story

My daughter and I sat down to read the book together, we read to her every night. It is a magical story about Annie, a little girl with a very special gift. There are so many lessons that one can take from the book. I don’t want to spoil it for you but, for example, Annie is different than the other children but doesn’t change who she is to fit in. She is true to herself and she fills the lives of others with joy!

What I didn’t expect is how much the book touched me. It felt like a deeply, personal message that I needed to hear that week. It choked me up a little and brought a tear to my eye. What a beautiful book to share or to give as a gift for a mom and daughter. The story occurs during the Christmas period and would make a lovely Christmas gift too.

In the Echo

Annie and the Little Blue Jug was reviewed in the Fish Hoek Echo on the 5th October 2017. Delia Hoffman said, “This book is entertaining and informative, and would appeal to younger children as a book to have read to them by an adult, and for older child(ren) to read alone.”

Buy it Online

The book can be purchased locally in Noordhoek (Wordsworth, Write Shop, Etc.) but if you would like to purchase it online, you can purchase it here: Loot.co.za or email Bill at geoffrey.robson@gmail.com.

If you own a bookshop, you can contact Xavier Nagel (021 447 1225) directly.

The book is illustrated by Matthew Ziranek, Artist and Adverturer.

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