Love these ‘Sew’ much – Convenient and Travel Friendly!

If you have entered our giveaway – here – you would have noticed that we are giving away a mini Sewing machine and Snuggly Rascals Headphones from 4aKid. 4aKid has everything a mom needs and more, so please go and visit there website here. Their prices are also great!

In the video below, I test out and show you some of the features of the mini sewing machine which you can purchase for less R500 – they have a special price at the moment!

You can also check out there new Snuggly Rascals Headphones which are super comfortable and warm! The wire that connects to your device is also covered in thread/cotton so that its comfortable and not cold (great for winter!) AND they are machine washable. Triple win! They come is so many designs, we just love them!

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