I went to Zumba Class today. No, it’s not a new year’s resolution… those don’t always last. I did Zumba last year before I had a small operation. I realised after going tonight, that I really must have not been doing well. It was so hard and I was so tired last year.

We often push ourselves so much that we don’t even take the time to listen to what our bodies are saying. Eek!

How to Listen to your Body

Naomi Arnold also had an experience where she didn’t listen to her body, in fact her body was screaming at her!

Here is some of her advice on how to listen more closely:

1. Keep a journal

Journal writing can be so therapeutic and can really help you learn more about yourself and your body.

2. Start to take note of your warning signs

Our bodies send us warning signs when they’re beginning to feel the pressure. I know that personally when I was over training, some of my warning signs were sickness (ever had a damn cold that haunts you?), niggling or reoccurring injuries, feeling lethargic, and difficulties with sleep.

3. Meditate

A great way to learn to listen to your body more, is to start a meditation practice.

4. Do yoga

On my journey to learning to listen to my body, discovering yoga made a world of difference. As I paused in each pose, I could feel tightness in certain body parts and freedom in others…

5. Eat mindfully

Intuitive or mindful eating is another great way of listening to your body. It involves creating a healthy relationship with your food, mind and body and learning to become the expert of your own unique body. 

6. Slow down. Stop. Be aware. Tune in to your feelings

If you’re anything like me, you are SO busy and are juggling a ridiculous amount of balls. Naturally, we then don’t have time to pause and listen to our bodies. Sometimes, the most simple way of tuning in to our needs, is to just stop. Pause for a moment. Breathe. Go within and ask yourself how you are feeling.

7. Trust and foster your intuition

Historically, I’ve been a head person. Someone who thinks things through, considers every angle, and often experiences paralysis by analysis. This year however, I’ve been conducting a little experiment – and have handed the reins over to my heart or intuition. I’ve been going within, asking myself what feels right, and then saying “thanks for protecting me brain, but I’m going to let my heart handle this one”. I’ve been blown away by the results not just in my personal and professional life – but also in my ability to pick up on cues from my body. 

8. Start a self-care practice

Some of us are great at creating exercise and meal plans for ourselves, however not so great at looking at our lives holistically and thinking about what we need to care for ourselves. 

To read Naomi’s full post, click here.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to do these things. We need to listen to our bodies and if/when necessary get the help we require.

To a happy and healthy year ahead!

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