The world is an interesting place. We have so many different experiences, meet so many different people and we each navigate our life journey differently.

Learning to understand one another is a wonderful, though sometimes difficult, process. 

If you are someone who is more sensitive and can pick up on others emotions and feelings, it can be particularly frustrating BUT also absolutely wonderful! 

The thing is, we all have our own issues, our own frustrations and our own individual blessings. It’s good to remind ourselves not to judge others but more than that, today I want to leave you with this – love yourself ♥. 

Always Remember Who You Are!

Always remember who you are, your worth is great. Love yourself and treat yourself with the same high regard that you treat those you love with and you will be able to love others better.

Note, I never said it would be easier or that all your relationships will be smooth sailing but I did say that you will be able to love others better. 

Sometimes those we care about, well, they have been through stuff (we all have baggage) and they just don’t know how to love or be loved or how to communicate or (insert issue here). Love them anyway. Sometimes that means stepping back for a bit. That’s okay too.

My Most Important Relationship

For me, my most important relationship is with God, my Heavenly Father. I am far from perfect but I am His daughter and that reminds me of who I am and who I want to be. It gives me the strength to keep trying and keep becoming more me and more better.
So to summarise:

  • Love yourself, you deserve it!
  • Stepping back is sometimes a good thing.
  • Don’t push the people that love you away when you are struggling. I know it’s hard but remember, you will feel better when you spend time with them and share your problems.
  • Be honest and communicate with those you care about. Sometimes you do need some space, communicating that will solve a small hurt and grow a deeper bond.
  • Always work on becoming a better, happier you and that will automatically fall over into your family and friends. 
  • Remember not everyone will value you, that does not change your worth.

Enjoy your weekend x

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